Will Your eBook Be a Best-seller? Let’s Get to Work!

Will Your eBook Be a Best-seller?

Let’s Get to Work!

I want you to answer the following questions to see if there is anything else you can do to ensure that you give your eBook the best chance of becoming a best-seller.

The following checklist may just identify some key areas that you will want to address.

  • Will your eBook offer unique content?
  • Do you have first-hand experience in your niche topic?
  • Will your eBook available in the related niche eBook stores?
  • Is your niche topic affected by the economy?
  • Is your niche topic affected by seasonal changes?
  • Will your eBook have the potential to be converted into a series?
  • Are your customers found in one location?
  • Will your eBook be priced competitively?
  • Will you create a unique eye-catching title for your eBook?
  • Will you produce an eBook cover that stands out?
  • Do you know how to market your eBook?
  • Do you know how to reach your target audience?
  • Do you have your own blog?
  • Will you conduct a post-publication marketing campaign?
  • Will your eBook have a low break-even point?
  • Are you an author who has a recognized reputation in your target niche?
  • Will you meet all marketing and publication deadlines?
  • Will you get your eBook proofread by at least three people?
  • Do you have a long-term perspective with regards to the success of your eBook?
  • Will you rely solely on distribution channels to generate sales?
  • Will you sell your eBook through retail and non-retail markets?
  • Will you conduct joint ventures with fellow authors to promote each other’s eBooks?
  • Will you set-up an affiliate program so others can sell your eBook?

These questions are designed to get you to think beyond just the writing and creation  of your eBook. Millions of people have written and self-published eBooks with little success because they fail to understand what is involved in self-publishing a best seller.

Success ultimately starts with how good your eBook is. The key to any successful eBook is that you are able to put it right in front of your target audience otherwise obscurity will quickly kill off your writing career.