eBook Covers – People Will Judge Your eBook by its Cover!

eBook Covers

Creating attention-grabbing eBook covers is such a vital element when it comes to the success of your eBook and self-publishing career. 

You know yourself that you will stroll around a bookstore, or look through an online eBook store, only to get lost amongst the thousands of book covers staring back at you.

However, if there is a cover that grabs your attention, you will likely stop and have a look.

A great cover will help your eBook stand out on the page and will help grab the attention of readers.  To understand the importance of an eBook cover go and have a look at the books on offer at Amazon and you will soon see how some eBooks stand out.

And others you won’t even bother clicking on as they can’t sell you due to a poorly designed cover.  When an author uploads their eBook and cover to one of our websites; I am able to immediately tell if they have got it right, or unfortunately wrong, with their eBook cover design.  First impression counts for a lot with covers.

If you don’t know how to design a cover in a graphics program, or don’t have the software, then you can source a graphic designer to do it for you.  There are many eBook cover designers out there who will create one for you.  Just be sure to go to a reputable designer first.

If you post a job on help site (guru.com, freeelancer.com) be sure to request or check out their portfolio.  This way you will be able to see previous examples and how good they really are!  When looking for a graphic designer to custom-design your eBook cover there are a number of key factors that will make this working relationship a success.

First of all, you need to have open communication lines, and the designer needs to be given specific guidelines and ideas with regards to what you are looking for.  Be sure that the designer is open to answering your questions in the manner and detail you need them to be answered.

A designer’s portfolio is a good place to start to see what eBook covers they have produced for previous clients.  You may also be able to pick out one, or two, from their portfolio and use it as a starting point for your cover.

I took a little initiative when it came to sourcing a designer for my eBook covers.  I bartered with them by offering them some valuable advertising for their business in return for the free creation of my eBook covers.  If you have something to offer of value to the designer then this is one way you can save money.

For example; if you have a blog with a substantial subscriber list then you can let the designer know that you would be willing to place a small add on your blog for an agreed specific period of time that will target their ideal market.

There are a number of DIY – eBook Cover software products on the market.  I have decided not to list them here as they seem to change quickly and I cannot vouch for their quality; however this is an option for you.

You can search ‘eBook Cover Software’ in Google and find the best program for you.  Amazon and several self-publishing services have now developed a free eBook cover design tool to help you out.  This can be found once you have joined their program.

I always recommend that our clients invest in getting a professional to design their cover for them. This small investment upfront may be what determines the success of your eBook.

Key Points for Your eBook Cover to Help You Sell More eBooks:

  • Viewers must be able to read your eBook cover as a thumbnail.
  • It should be readable in grey scale.
  • For fiction authors, your name should be big and bold.
  • The design should clearly convey the genre, or topic, of your eBook. This is very important for non-fiction authors as using the wrong image can be misleading. Likewise for an author of fiction; you wouldn’t want to write a romance eBook with a ‘horror’ style image on the cover.
  • Do not use too much small fine print that makes the cover look messy.
  • Avoid fluorescent colours that make the cover look tacky.  Avoid colours that conflict.
  • Use great quality images or photos.