Design eBook Covers That Sell

Selling eBooks in Asia. How to Improve Your Writing

Design eBook Covers That Sell

1.    Your Cover Should Represent Your eBook’s Topic
Select a picture or graphic that represents your eBook’s content or storyline. For my eBooks on ‘tennis coaching’ I used a photo of a tennis player. This was an obviously choice; however, I made up for it by using a unique photo.

2. Your Cover Must Be Different and Compelling
Make Your Cover Unique so it stands out from the crowd! You may like the look of a certain image for your front cover but you have to ask yourself; ‘does it stand out from the similar eBooks already on sale in your genre?’ Is it unique? Is it thought provoking?

For effective branding purposes, your eBook cover graphic needs to be one-of-a-kind. Don’t take a short cut when it comes to your cover.

Yes, there are many free options out there for creating eBook covers but if you choose a poor cover you will suffer in the long run through the loss of sales. You want a viewer to see your eBook cover and find it interesting, unique and something that warrants further investigation.

Go to one of the top online eBook stores and focus on the covers. See how you just get lost in the same old cover and images for a certain topic. Identify those covers that grab your attention and then ask yourself what it was that made you like that cover.

Then head on over to Fiverr and find an eBook Cover Designer to help you create an amazing cover.

3.    Select the Right Colour to Evoke the Right Emotion!
All advertisers know the importance of how colours trigger certain emotions with their customers. You wouldn’t want to write a nice romantic eBook and create a dark black eBook cover.

The same if you write an eBook about heavy metal music, you would use a nice pink coloured image. The colour you use for your eBook cover is a strong factor in how the potential buyer will react to it.

Let’s take the following three colours and identify with how they can influence the reader.

Blue is a colour that is often associated with confidence and promoting optimism. For example:
1.    ‘eBook Marketing’

2.    ‘Finding your dream job’

3.    ‘How to find a job where you get paid more’

4.    ‘How to find the woman of your dreams’

Green is a colour that is often associated with money, prosperity and happiness. For example:
1.    ‘Invest with us to secure your financial freedom’

2.    ‘How to start your own online business’

3.    ‘How to buy and own 5 investment properties by the time you are 40’

4.    Orange is a colour often associated with enjoyment, health, vitality and optimism. For example;

5.    ‘How to live to 100 years of age’

6.    ‘50 great meals to cook for your family’

7.    ‘How to become a successful chef and own your own restaurant’

Red is has often been identified as an action colour. Take red Ferrari’s for example!

Therefore red is a good colour to use if your eBook is about taking action such as:
1.    ‘Make More Money!’
2.    ‘How to Lose weight’
3.    ‘How to Become Debt Free’

If you follow these basic guidelines for creating your eBook cover then you will be well on your way to designing an attention-grabbing eBook cover that stands out from the crowd and convinces the viewer to buy your eBook!