Can eBook Discoverability Tools Help You Sell More eBooks?

eBook Discoverability

Can eBook Discoverability Tools Help You Sell More eBooks?

As more eBooks flood online stores, the big issue confronting authors (and publishers) is eBook Discoverability. No matter how good your eBook is, or how much you believe it could be a best-seller, if no-one can find it then you will quickly become discouraged at the lack of success you are having as a self-published author. You must make your eBook easy to find!

It is for this reason that we are so passionate about helping you learn how to give your eBook the best chance of success through providing you with the same tools and techniques used by the best-selling authors to increase the ‘visibility’ of your eBooks.

Some authors have experienced varying levels of success when using ‘Discoverability Tools’ such as:
1.    Bookbub
2.    Riffle
3.    The Fussy Librarian

My first piece of advice is that just about any marketing or promotional campaign that fails to deliver your message or eBook directly to your target audience is not worth the effort or cost. The same applies to some platforms or sites which promote that they will send out an email about your eBooks to their member base which is not your target audience.

You may get a few sales but ultimately people will only buy eBooks that are of interest to them. Mass marketing to the general population is not quality marketing. So don’t be sold by the size of an audience or subscriber list, be sold by the quality of the audience as it relates to your eBook!

A tool will deliver on its promises if it can match readers with the genre of eBooks they like reading. This ability is more ‘targeted’ and is not the typical ‘spray and prey approach’ used by some providers. Can they match a reader’s preference to the content in an eBook? If so, then they are providing a tool and service that could be of benefit to you.

Prior to signing-up for a service, there are often some submission requirements for your eBook such as:

  • Having a quality eBook cover.
  • Already having a certain number of reviews
  • Having a rating for your eBook on the positive side
  • Having a certain price point
  • … Refer to each site for their submission requirements.

These services should just be another ‘component’ to consider as a part of your eBook marketing strategy. They should not be the only tools you use to make your eBook ‘easy to find.’ A winning marketing strategy consists of multiple ways to get your eBook in front of your ideal readers.