Do Your Due Diligence on eBook Distribution Services Before You Sign

Do Your Due Diligence on eBook Distribution Services Before You Sign

There are a number of eBook distribution services and social media groups that promote their ability to provide authors with a ‘ready-to-go’ audience so they can start selling their eBooks immediately.

I am a ‘champions’ for any program, platform or service that provides a valuable service to writers and authors at a reasonable price. When I come across such a service I will let you know about it, just check out the author resource directory. Unfortunately I hear of too many horror stories from first-time authors who get ripped off. I just want to make sure you are ’empowered’ with the knowledge so you can ask the questions that need to be asked before you sign-up to service, platform, product or online community that may be of little benefit to you.

Do You Really Need to be Paying an On-going Monthly Subscription Fee?
No! There is no need to pay an on-going monthly subscription fee to have your eBooks distributed to any store. This will consistently eat into your profits. One service I know of promotes that they will distribute your eBook to a specific online store for an on-going monthly subscription fee of $8.

As long as you want your eBook in the store you have to continue paying this service provider this monthly fee. That’s $96 a year you are paying this provider just for them to deliver your eBook to this online store. If your profit from each eBook sold is $1, then you need to sell 96 eBooks every year just to pay for this unnecessary fee. I will show you in the eBook Distribution and Publishing Master Class how to publish your eBook to this store for free!

There are a few questions that you should ask and get answers to before committing to an eBook distribution service.

You Need to Know:

1. What fees do they charge?

2. Do they want a commission from every sale?

3. What online stores do they distribute your eBooks to?

4. What stores don’t they distribute eBooks to?

5. If they tell you that  your eBook will be exposed to 10,000 members – are any of these members actually in your target audience?

6. They advertise they can connect you to readers – how?

7. They promote they have members in over 80 countries – how many speak English?

8. They promote 100% of royalties go to the author – but how much is taken out by the online store before you receive 100% of net sales?

9. If they provide a service for a monthly subscription fee – why do you need to keep paying them once your eBook has been published?

10. Writer and author platforms often promote they have thousands of members to help you promote your eBook – but are these members really interested in helping you to succeed as a possible competitor?

11. Can you upload your eBook to these online stores for free? If so, why do you need their service?

12. Are your eBooks on their platform visible to the public or just members?