eBook Marketing on Reddit – How it Can Help You Sell More eBooks

Reddit for eBook Authors

eBook Marketing on Reddit

The ever-growing list of social media sites can be overwhelming to an author trying to decide which site deserves their time and effort. The main platforms that continue to deliver a benefit to authors trying to connect with their ideal readers are still Twitter and Facebook. Another site that now warrants our attention is Reddit.

Who is Reddit?
Reddit was established nearly ten years ago by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. Reddit claims to have over five billion page views and over 90 million unique visitors per month.

Reddit serves as a platform for online communities that ‘live’ in various subcategories (known as subreddits) where members share articles, images and post topics of interest to community members.

How Does Reddit Help Authors?
As with all social media platforms, Reddit should be used as a tool to engage and connect with your readers. Reddit has grown from one large ‘book’ category of over a million subscribers to more focused and ‘niche’ communities that target specific genres such as crime fiction, science fiction and romance as well as an entire community devoted to Amazon’s Kindle.

Members pose all types of questions asking for new recommendations to ideas for gifts. If you are involved in the discussion you can slowly work your eBook into the conversation. Members also vote monthly on new eBooks. If you can succeed in getting your eBook noticed then there is a huge audience who could launch your eBook for you.

Redit’s forum has also been used by self-published authors to sell more eBooks. Hugh Howey recently discussed the importance of giving away free copies of your eBook and how this can be a powerful tool to get started in building an audience.

It took Hugh nearly ten years of writing before he struck the big time. It was his constant writing and backlist that contributed to his success. So give some thought to giving away some eBooks to get the ball rolling.

Where to Start?
The Books subreddit (/r/books) signs up over 30,000 new subscribers each week. Victoria Taylor, Reddit’s director of communications, said: ‘/R/books is really becoming one of the largest book-based communities on the Web.’ So search Reddit to find the communities where your ideal readers hangout and then go join in the conversation.