How to Plan Your eBook

How to Decide on the Publication Date of Your eBook

Publication Date of Your eBook I would have to say that 90% of authors I have spoken to over the years fail to set a...

The Reader Wants to Know – What’s in it for Me?

The Reader Wants to Know - What’s in it for Me? How will your eBook benefit the reader? Readers want to know how your eBook...

15 Tips of Experience for Non-fiction eBook Authors

Non-fiction eBook Authors There is a huge market for non-fiction eBooks. AND what I want all non-fiction eBook authors to know is that people want...

7 Steps to Creating a Content Plan for Your eBook

Creating a Content Plan for Your eBook As an author, I am always jotting down notes and ideas. But when it comes to writing my...

7 Principles to Become a Successful Self-Published eBook Author

What is often neglected by authors who fail to succeed are some of the most basic principles in becoming a successful self-published eBook author. In this article I have made reference to some basic, yet necessary, principles that

10 Assumptions New Authors Make that Could be Causing Harm

We listen and learn from others and from this acquired information we make assumptions that may be correct or incorrect. It is very easy to be influenced by a person's comments or 'expert' knowledge and make our decisions

Why Non-fiction Authors Must Write to Sell!

As a non-fiction author you must write your eBook so people will want to buy it. Have you written your eBook to sell? Is your eBook worth buying? Does it meet the fundamental elements to be considered for

Will Your eBook Be a Best-seller? Let’s Get to Work!

So you have finished your eBook and are very excited about the imminent publication. Firstly, congratulations on achieving this first major milestone! Now you have to tick the boxes to make sure it becomes a success

How to Choose a Winning Title for Your Self-Published eBook

How to Choose a Winning Title for Your eBook Answer the following questions with as much detail as possible so that you can gain more...

Four Avoidable Reasons Why Your First eBook Will Not Sell

Frustration is not what a first-time author wants to experience when it comes to the challenge of trying to sell eBooks! But this frustration can be prevented. You just need to know what to change when faced

Enhanced eBooks – Read this Before Creating Your Enhanced eBook

Enhanced eBooks are multimedia books that are available on mobile devices which are designed for watching video and listening to audio. The industry has been waiting many years for the Enhanced eBook revolution

Email Request Template For eBook Foreword

Email Request Template Goal: This template will provide you with a sample letter requesting an influential person to write the foreword for your eBook. Use this...