Four Avoidable Reasons Why Your First eBook Will Not Sell

Four Avoidable Reasons Why Your First eBook Will Not Sell

Frustration is not what a first-time author wants to experience when it comes to the challenge of trying to sell eBooks! But this frustration can be prevented. You just need to know what to change when faced with the reality that no-one is buying your eBook.

Hopefully you will avoid these four common errors before you publish your eBook which is why I want you to read this article during the planning phase.

Here are Four Reasons Why Your First eBook Will Not Sell:

1. A Bad eBook Cover

A bad eBook cover has the following characteristics:

  • Has a low quality image or photo
  • Looks amateurish
  • The title is not compelling
  • There is too much writing
  • You cannot read the title or author’s name when the cover is a thumbnail
  • The colours do not match your genre or eBook topic
  • It does not stand out with a ‘wow’ factor
  • It looks like every other eBook in that genre
  • A generic title

2. Poor Formatting and Grammatical Errors

  • Your first customers have posted negative reviews relating to how poorly formatted your eBook is.
  • Poor formatting includes:
  • The font is difficult to read
  • The text size is too big or too small
  • There are spacing issues
  • There are inconsistent spaces between letters and words
  • There are foreign symbols or codes hidden within the text
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammatical mistakes
  • The chapters are too long or too short

3. Weak Content or a Poorly Written eBook
Whether your eBook is non-fiction or fiction, weak and irrelevant content will result in frustration for your readers.


  • Weak characters
  • The story-line is boring
  • The plot is not unique
  • Your eBook is difficult to follow
  • It is unoriginal
  • It is unrealistic
  • The writing style does not match the genre
  • The content is irrelevant
  • The ending is weak and uneventful

…… And many more!


  • You fail to solve the reader’s problem
  • You fail to answer their question
  • It is poorly written
  • The try to big note yourself with fancy words
  • It is long-winded in getting to the main point
  • Your content is not unique and can found on the internet for free
  • Your content is irrelevant and misleading
  • Your does not deliver on what it promised
  • The reader believes they did not get value for money

4. Failing to Promote Your eBook Pre-publication
When you upload your eBook to Amazon or a big online retailer your eBook will briefly appear in the ‘New eBooks’ section. However, this may be the only first page exposure your eBook receives as it is quickly pushed down the list to pages that no-one will ever get too. To combat this you must conduct a pre-launch marketing campaign for your eBook and then follow-through on continual promotion when it is published.

You Must:

  • Conduct a pre-publication campaign
  • Build a list of readers who would want to read your eBook
  • Have an author website
  • Have an author blog to connect with your target audience
  • Identify those readers who would want to buy your eBook
  • Create a marketing campaign targets the ‘right buyers’
  • Use social media to ‘build relationships’ and not try and directly sell
  • Achieve high rating reviews from your initial customers

If you get it right the first time you self-publish then you will avoid any damage to your author brand and reputation. If you have already published your eBook and are experiencing the frustration of not selling any eBooks then you will need to address the above common errors that you may have committed.  One of the great aspects of eBook publishing is that you can ‘re-upload’ your eBook to the online stores if required and ‘re-start’ the process.