What Type of eBook Wins a Writing Competition?

What Type of eBook Wins a Writing Competition?

There are an ever-increasing number of awards and writing competitions popping up on the internet for eBook authors to enter. Some are by reputable organizations and others are by small time websites or publishers trying to gain a foothold by building their reputation on their ability to host an award.

You should only enter a writing competition run by reputable associations, organizations, publishing sites or national bodies.  And be aware of publishers who have awards where their own authors and books always seem to miraculously win the award!

The most well-known eBook and Book awards are judged by boards of industry professionals. These professionals judge each submission based on guidelines set fourth for the award. The minimum expectation starts with a good title, cover and the content inside. Here are at least 6 minimum requirements to be considered as a winning entrant:

1.    Represents the category entered
The eBook represents the category for which it has been entered. The eBook must fit into the designated category.

2.    The eBook is unique
The main content and subject matter is original and provides a unique story-line or point of view. This eBook must stand out compared to related eBook titles in its genre.

3.    Fiction eBooks
The eBook needs to have the ability to evoke emotion and a connection with the reader. The eBook tells of a great story and can make the reader feel as if they are a part of the experience.

4.    Non-fiction eBooks
Are based on facts and the author must have first-hand experience within their niche topic to be considered an expert. Awards will not be given to authors who use ghost writers or write based on second hand knowledge.

5.    A professional looking eBook cover
The eBook must be represented by a professional and quality looking eBook cover that is appropriate for the eBooks content.

6.    Has been professionally edited and is free from errors
An eBook must be error free, consistent, doesn’t have grammatical errors or typos and is well written.

Additional factors that helps an eBook to win an award:

  • Provides value for money.
  • The author has a well-established platform.
  • Marketability of the eBook.
  • Has sold a lot of eBooks!
  • eBook positioning.
  • Quality of writing.
  • Punctuation and grammar.
  • Flow of content.
  • Originality.
  • Structure of eBook.
  • Length of eBook must meet certain requirements for value.