How To Get Your eBooks into the eBook Stores

How To Get Your eBooks into the eBook Stores

So you are thinking about self-publishing an eBook and are wondering how you get your eBooks into the online stores? Well, it is very easy to do and you have several options as outlined below.

There are many online providers who will offer to get your eBook into the major retailers for an upfront fee, on-going monthly fee or for a commission from each sale made.

I have decided to only list the most popular options for you as this will help make your decision easier. These options listed are based on reviews, testimonials, personal experiences (some but not all providers), costs, service, distribution network and feedback from our members.

How Do I Choose?
By ’empowering’ you with the knowledge you require, your decision on how you will get your eBooks into the online stores will become an easier one as you learn more.

You will have two options:
Option 1. Do it yourself and publish your eBook directly with each store
Option 2. Use an eBook distributor to do it for you for a fee / commission

Your Decision Will be Dependent Upon:

1.    Your computer skills

2.    How much time you have to do it yourself

3.    Your ability to format eBooks

4.    If you are prepared to give up some money / commission to get a provider to help you

5.    If you need an ISBN

6.    How many eBooks you have to distribute

This decision will ultimately come down to you. Be sure to read the terms of service for each platform and under no circumstances should you sign-away the rights to your eBook or pay unreasonable fees just to get your eBook into an online store.

Before You Start
The eBook and self-publishing industry is constantly changing and evolving on a daily basis. We will often post updates on our website but if you wish to stay up to date with the latest for each of the following online stores and distributors please visit their website directly.

When you are ready to publish your eBook make sure you have the following information ready to go:
1.    Your eBook has been formatted correctly

2.    You have an eBook cover that meets the requirements (size, format)

3.    Your eBook has been through the editing and proof-reading stage

4.    You have a title for your eBook

5.    You know the price for your eBook

6.    You have an ISBN (not always required)

7.    You have a compelling eBook description (meets minimum and maximum word count)

If you need help with any of these specific areas we have articles on each topic to help you out. Please search through our Author Academy for further help.

Option 1. Do it Yourself / Publish Your eBook Directly with Each Store.

1. To publish on Amazon visit Amazon KDP
Let’s start with the current powerhouse in selling eBooks and that would be Amazon. Once your eBook is ready to publish all you need to do is visit Amazon and create an account. You can do this at Amazon KDP has an entire Department dedicated to Amazon KDP so please visit Amazon KDP Help for more information and help.

2. To publish on Kobo visit Kobo Writing Life
Kobo’s online platform Kobo Writing Life allows you to upload your eBook. Kobo will automatically reformat your document for free.

3. To publish in the iBookstore visit iBookstore
Apple iBook store
The Apple iBook store is increasing in popularity among readers and currently lists over 2 million books.

4. To publish on B&N
Barnes and Noble Press is an online, self-publishing portal that allows you to publish your eBooks directly to Barnes & Noble.

Option 2. Use an eBook Distributor to do it for You for a Cost / Commission

1. Smashwords >
Smashwords is currently the most popular distributor of self-published eBooks. If you wish to have a service provider distribute your eBooks to multiple online eBook stores then you may want to consider using Smashwords who will do this for you for a commission from each sale.

You will need to meet Smashwords’ Style Guide requirements before submitting your eBook for distribution. If you cannot do this then there are people who will do this for you for a fee.

Smashwords Will Distribute Your eBook to:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Scribd
  • Apple’s iBooks
  • Sony
  • Kobo
  • Baker & Taylors

Currently Smashwords cannot distribute your eBook to Amazon and from all reports this is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

2. BookBaby
BookBaby is another service provider that will distribute your eBooks to online stores for a cost. BookBaby’s business model varies to Smashwords in that they charge an upfront fee and then an on-going yearly fee.

3. Draft2Digital
Easy conversion tool that will format your manuscript with industry-leading style.

What about My Book?
Amazon can help you out with your book as well. They have a division called CreateSpace that will provide you with all the tools and services to publish your book that help you complete you book and make it available to millions of potential readers.