Enhanced eBooks – Read this Before Creating Your Enhanced eBook

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Enhanced eBooks

Read this Before Creating Your Enhanced eBook

Enhanced eBooks are multimedia books that are available on mobile devices which are designed for watching video and listening to audio. Enhanced eBooks also include; interactive form fields, field population, sound effects and animation.

The industry has been waiting many years for the ‘Enhanced eBook’ revolution to take off. There have been a few false starts and many new businesses entering the market promising to make enhanced eBooks more mainstream. The main barrier so far has to do with the technical issues associated with enhanced eBooks. Another is the cost of production of the video.

Apple, Kobo, and Google have the best support for embedded media. These reading systems will allow the media file to be embedded into the EPUB eBook for easy access by the reader. Both ePub and Kindle Publishing formats can be enhanced, although support for enhanced Amazon formats is limited to certain devices and apps. As a result, this will negatively impact on the sales and marketing of such books.

eInk eReader devices such as Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite, Nook Simple Touch, Nook Glowlight and Kobo Aura cannot play video files and in most cases do not support audio files.

You Need to Think About the Size of the File:

  • What if the file size is too big?
  • You do have options to reduce the size of the file such as:
  • Use shorter clips
  • Use a smaller frame size
  • Compress the video by using a lower bit-rate

Key Points when Creating an Enhanced eBook

  • Only include the video if it actually improves the book
  • Not all online retailers allow you to upload your enhanced eBook
  • You could create your enhanced eBook as an app
  • The market for enhanced eBooks with audio has grown in recent years
  • Readers still resist the higher prices associated with enhanced eBooks
  • Children’s eBooks continue to be the genre where enhanced eBooks could work well
  • The big publishing houses may not want to invest in your enhanced eBooks until there is big demand
  • Only a select few retailers (Apple, Kobo) accept enhanced eBooks

Having a young child I can see the potential benefit of enhanced eBooks. Reading a story and then being able to watch short videos involving the characters before returning to reading the story. The generational shift towards reading online and the increasing use of tablets only makes this more viable for our young generation.

Once we can get on top of the costs of production, accepting the increased price, reducing the file size and getting the big publishers and retailers on board then enhanced eBooks could reach their potential.