Enter Writing Competitions to Boost Your Author Profile

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Enter Writing Competitions to Boost Your Author Profile

Winning an award for your writing could provide you with some powerful publicity. It can also help you to establish yourself as an ‘Award winning’ author. A title only a select few authors get to enjoy. Prestige and peer recognition will only come about if you win a reputable writing competition so select which competitions you enter carefully.

If you have an eBook bundled with a book you may also want to consider entering a reputable awards competition dedicated to just books.  If you do well in the competition it will further enhance your reputation; not to mention bringing in more publicity for you!

Often these writing competitions will be a good source for networking with fellow authors. This could potentially lead to joint ventures down the road.  Strength in numbers!

Here Are a Few Writing Competitions to Consider:

If you want to find out about competitions in your area or country; then a great place to start is by joining your local author association or community.