Facebook for Authors – How to Get Noticed as a self-Published Author

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Facebook for Authors – How to Get Noticed as a self-Published Author

When I first joined Facebook and created my profile, that was all I thought there was to it. However, I soon found out that there are many self-published authors on Facebook who never ventured outside of their own little world and as a result missed out on many great opportunities to self-promote. As soon as you devote the required time to building your author profile on Facebook, the sooner you will start to build your list of potential readers.

Facebook for Authors – How to Get Noticed

1. Create Your Own Facebook Author Page
Create a page for your eBook and let people join as fans. You can provide incentives for them to join by giving away free eBooks, sample chapters, reports, articles, video tutorials etc.

2. Join Groups where You Know Your Target Audience Hangs Out
Enter the key words for your niche topic into the search box to find established groups you can join. This is a great place to interact and promote yourself to your target audience. Your primary goal is to be an active contributor of valuable content and not to try and directly sell your eBook! Give first – then receive!

3. Your Own Author Profile
Carefully craft your profile that appears on your home page. This little box is a great way to promote yourself and your eBook.

4. Advertising
Directly reach your ideal customer via Facebook pay per click ads. You can also boost posts.

5. Facebook Marketplace
Post your eBook for sale in the Facebook marketplace. This is a classified advertising area but may be worthwhile in reaching your customers.

6. Your Own Event
Host your own event or join someone else’s. Your goal is to connect and engage your target audience.

Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses as well as authors. There are many tools that you can explore and add to your Facebook page.