Facebook Marketing for eBooks

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Facebook Marketing for eBooks

Are you familiar with using Facebook marketing for eBooks? Do you know how to use Facebook for promoting your eBook? Well if you are comfortable with Facebook then why not.  Facebook is not for every author but if this is one of your chosen marketing tools then let’s see how you can maximise your time in using Facebook to your advantage.

1.    Use related outpost social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter (outposts channels) to encourage your loyal following to ‘Like’ your Facebook fan page.

2.    Leverage your welcome page by adding a brief description and link for your eBook. Again, use this brief statement to sell your viewer on why they should buy your eBook.

3.    Consistently post tips from your eBook to Facebook. Show potential readers what they can expect from your eBook.

4.    Share and discuss your eBook’s plot, storyline and characters. Engage the reader and make them apart of the story. Curiosity will force the reader to buy your eBook to find out how it all ends. These ‘teasers’ are commonly used to force customers to buy an item.

5.    Drip feed benefits that the reader will get from buying our eBook. If you can satisfy their want, need or answer their question then you may just be giving them the reasons they need to buy your eBook.  People sometimes need to justify a purchase.

6.    Offer a free eBook to your followers and friends. This could be the first 25% of your eBook. If they like what they read and are enjoying your eBook then they will want to buy your entire eBook.

7.    Find the ‘influencers’ on Facebook for your category and then go and join in the conversation. Find where your ideal customer hangs out on Facebook and then go and connect with them.  Build a relationship with them and from there you can sell.

8.    Post several tweets from your Twitter account to your Facebook page. You can do this automatically using a social media management board such as HootSuite. Your post should contain a link back to your website or blog that can lead the viewer through the sales funnel to buying your eBook.

9. If you have some dedicate advertising budget then you can boost a post to connect with more of your target audience.

10. You can also pay for Facebook advertising to help sell more eBooks directly. be sure to read their guidelines on creating images or videos for their ads.

Facebook can be a powerful platform for connecting with your target audience. if you look at it this way then you will be able to set some achievable goals for what you want. It is about building a relationship and then selling once they get to know you or respect your posts. Simply using Facebook for cold hard sales won’t necessarily work.