Four Powerful Ways to Find New Readers in Your Target Audience

Four Powerful Ways to Find New Readers in Your Target Audience

As a self-published author one of your first jobs is to find and connect with your target audience. Once you have clearly defined and identified those readers who will buy your eBook then you need to decide how you will connect directly with these readers.

Along with promoting your eBook via your social media networks, author website, blog, forums, online communities and press releases; you should branch out and consider the following four ways to find new readers within your target audience that may require the assistance of others.

1. Networking
The internet is a powerful tool for networking. Previously you may have networked with people you met at conferences, meetings, parties and so on. These are still ways to network on a state or national level. Only now you must leverage the internet to network with a global audience. When you network you are setting yourself up for people to refer you to others.

2. Pursue Joint Ventures
I am often asked by first-time authors how they can directly reach their target audience if they have yet to start building their lists. It could take months or years to build a list of loyal fans.  One way that has worked for many of our clients is to seek out those established ‘influencers’ in your target market who have huge followings and convince them to become a partner in a joint venture.

In order for them to take up your offer you must be willing to offer them something in return such as a commission on sales to those on their lists who buy your eBook. You have to remember that you need them and that they may not necessarily need you so you have to provide the incentive.

Once they decide to partner with you then you could get them to do a mail out that includes a review of your eBook or announce you to their email list as a new and upcoming author to watch.

3. Strategic Alliances
Some of our clients have been able to develop and maintain a strong relationship with these ‘influencers’ that eventually develop in a powerful strategic alliance. The benefit of these strategic alliances is that you may be able to help each other out for years to come. If there is a mutual benefit for both parties then why not continue your alliance.

4. Advertising
Paid advertising could put your eBook right in front of your target audience if you choose the correct form of advertising. The first place to start is with Google AdWords. Learn how to write an ad, a headline, and maximize the few characters allowed in an ad to stand out.  Next is to advertise on the websites, communities, forums or forums where your target readers hang out.

Remember that the key to advertising successfully is to generate promising leads from those with your target audience in exchange for the money you spend. You require a budget for advertising.  If you only make $1 profit for your eBook then calculate how many eBooks you must sell to pay for your monthly advertising fees.

If paid advertising is not a viable option for you, then; network, build strategic alliances and pursue joint ventures with those who have already built a relationship with your target audience.