Five Ways to Get an Advantage Over Your eBook Competitors

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Your eBook Competitors

With the advent of self-publishing there has been a massive shift in the way that authors get published. As a result, there are more authors who are responsible for marketing their eBook and getting their eBook noticed.

Due to the increased volume of eBooks entering the market, authors are finding that they are now competing with a lot more titles in their category.

What this means for the author is that they are now having to become more efficient at marketing and having to find new ways to get ahead of their eBook competitors in order to have their eBook better positioned in the online stores.

Here Are Five Ways to Get an Advantage Over Your Competitors!

1. Publish Your Contents Page

People love to see what they are getting for their money before actually making the purchase. One great way to show them is via show casing your chapter titles.

The key here is not to give away your “unique” information or tips. This is because many people will then take what you have in your contents section and go and find that information for elsewhere for free.

This is more related if you list tips in your eBook. If I listed my tips in the content section or chapter titles, then people would get this for free. So write the majority of section headers without actually giving away any content or your unique tips.

2. Value for Money

Be happy with what you write and make sure the reader is getting value for money. Would you be willing to pay the asking price to buy your eBook if it was written by another author?

Your readers will voice their opinions in forums and discussion groups. You want to receive great reviews, not bad ones, as they will turn away potential customers.

3. Satisfy the Reader

You want your eBook to satisfy your readers’ wants and desires. Keep what you write simple and to the point! I much prefer reading a shorter eBook full of ‘quality content’ than a longer eBook that has useless information with the primary purpose of taking up space.

4. You, the Expert!

Establish your expertise online and make sure that you become the ‘authoritative figure’ on your niche topic. That is why maintaining credibility is essential for authors. When people know that they can come to you for trusted quality information, then they will feel comfortable in returning again and again in the future.

You can build your author platform as an expert by building your own successful blog, Twitter account, Facebook page or group, website, or accepting all offers that come your way to be interviewed.

5. Gain Control of Vital IP Assets

If you can purchase and secure keyword rich domain names for your website or blog, a keyword rich Twitter name, or a great Facebook page, then you will have a great advantage over your competitors.