What Font Should You use in Your eBook? Here are Five Popular Fonts

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What Font Should You use in Your eBook?

Author Question: I am writing my eBook by using a word document which will later be converted to the required formats. The question I have for now is; ‘What is the best, or most popular, font used in eBooks?’

I faced this exact issue when writing my first eBook as there appeared to be little guidance on which font improved the reading experience. Now, there are at least five common fonts that are being used.

It also depends on a number of factors such as the eBooks genre, category, fiction, non-fiction, length of eBook or size of font. Some authors try to be too ‘creative’ in the font they use and unfortunately this can negatively impact the reading experience.

Here are five fonts that have become popular and are commonly used:

  1. Times Roman
  2. Arial
  3. Garamond
  4. Tahoma
  5. Georgia

There are more fonts widely used so do your research and learn from those best-selling authors in your category. See what font they use and if you like it then use that style.