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Goodreads is Connecting Readers and Authors

Amazon’s reading and book social media site ‘Goodreads’ has just announced on their blog that they have added a feature that allows users to directly interact with their favorite authors via a new feature called ‘Ask the Author.’

If you are just starting out in writing, or a seasoned author, you will want to make sure you join Goodreads. Goodreads which was been acquired by Amazon is the largest book-focused social networking community. When used correctly, Goodreads can be a valuable platform to connect directly with your target audience of readers.

At the moment this program is only open to 54 authors. If successful, I imagine it will eventually be open to all Goodread’s members and could potentially provide a powerful tool for authors to connect and speak directly to their readers.

From my understanding at the moment a ‘button’ will be added to each of the 54 authors’ profiles where fans will then have the opportunity to ask the author any question they want.

In addition, Goodreads has announced that they will also be trying to encourage greater interaction between its users rolling out a Reader Q&A feature.

From Goodreads:
If you could ask Margaret Atwood, Khaled Hosseini, or James Patterson anything, what would it be? Maybe you want to know their writing inspiration, what they read as a guilty pleasure, or you have a burning question about one of their bestsellers. Now’s your chance because these three are among the 54 major authors who are helping us launch an exciting new program on Goodreads – Ask the Author!