What Makes a Great Blog for an eBook Author?

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What Makes a Great Blog for an eBook Author?

Have you ever wondered why some blogs become very successful and others seem to attract very few readers? Maybe it’s because there are hundreds of millions of blogs on the internet. Some blogs are poorly maintained, provide very little benefit to the reader or are poorly designed.

If you are going to start your own blog, then you need to know what is required to make it successful, otherwise you will be doing a lot of work for nothing and wasting your time. Why write a blog if no-one is going to read it!

You Must Provide Quality and Informative Articles
You won’t see the top bloggers putting out articles that are just full of ‘fluff.’ You must aim to deliver an article of high value and quality every time you write.

The day you think that you can just write for the sake of writing or post for the sake of updating your blog is the day that your readers will start to switch off and go elsewhere for their information.

You Need to Enjoy and Be Passionate About the Topic of Your Blog.
If you just blog to make money then you will find it harder to stay motivated. Choose a topic you love, choose a topic you have knowledge to share with people and writing will be a lot easier.

The great thing about blogs is that the content you provide can come in many great formats. You can write an article, produce a video, pod cast, give away an eBook or add a forum to your blog so readers can become more interactive.

Know Your Audience
You need to focus on a ‘niche’ topic for your blog. If you choose a highly popular topic such as ‘weight loss’ or ‘making money on the internet’ then you will find that there is an incredible amount of competition already out there and that you will have to provide something exceptional to draw those readers away from related blogs to your blog.

For example, maybe create a blog for ‘weight loss for women in their 60’s’ or ‘how to make money from writing an eBook.’

The golden rule is to provide quality information that is relevant to your readers. If they are finding that they are learning or having their lives ‘enhanced’ by the information on your site then they will keep returning to your blog. The day you drop off in quality is the day that they may also drop off in reading your blog and go elsewhere.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself With Regards to Understanding Your Target Audience Include:

  • What is the specific reader or audience that I’m writing to?
  • What’s keeping them in this situation?
  • What can I write or what other areas can I write about that may help them?
  • Why would this reader need help in this?
  • How can I write more informative articles to help them?

If you don’t have anything of benefit to write about or add to the topic then don’t write about it. The internet has enough websites and blogs that are full of useless information. Write to inform, not to just fill up space. Write real content that contains real value for the reader.

How About You:

  • Do you write ‘value for time’ content?
  • Who is the reader you are writing the next article for?
  • What is the problem you are solving for the reader?
  • If someone with this problem is reading your article, will it help them out of their situation?
  • How is it going to benefit them?

You Don’t Always Have to Work Harder, Just Smarter!
You can’t expect to just write a lot of articles and expect people to flock to your blog. You will need to do some marketing for your blog utilising some of the market tools and techniques that we have outlined in this eBook.

Quality Over Quantity!
One great article will draw more readers than five articles of little value. Try to write about topics that no-one else is writing about. Provide your reader with new and original tips, advice and help for the problem they are trying to solve.

Practice What You Preach
If you want to be a successful blogger then you need to lead by example. This is true for many people such as sports coaches, teachers and leaders of all industries.

Once you realise that what you say could influence someone then you will take your work more seriously. Readers will come to you for advice. Many will then follow through and use your advice. If your advice works then they will keep coming back for more.

I have found many ‘so-called experts’ on the internet writing about a specific topic but when you actually do some research on them they have never been able to succeed in what they are trying to preach to you.

For example; I have been involved in the eBook industry for nearly a decade now. I once read an eBook on ‘how to write a best-selling eBook that will make you huge profits and allow you to give up your day job.’ When I did some further research and asked the author some questions

I soon found out that he had never written an eBook before and had never made money from an eBook. Yet he was claiming to be some guru on eBooks. These guys just pull content from various sources and then just put it all together. You cannot con people and if you are going to claim to be an expert then you need proof to back your claim up.

Be Real and Honest
There are two types of bloggers that I have come across. Those who keep it real and those who claim to be something they are not. If you are real then you will have a greater chance of succeeding.

If you try to be something you are not, then eventually people will see through you and your reputation will take a big hit that you may not be able to come back from. If you try to portray yourself as being bigger than what you really are or trying to claim to be an expert when you really aren’t then you are not only fooling yourself but also your readers.

Don’t Write to Please, Write to Inform!
You should blog to inform and not to just please! What do I mean by that comment?

Well, you need to learn early on that not everyone will agree with what you write. If you write just to please and shy away from controversial topics then you will soon fall in to the category of being an average blogger. You should write about what you believe in and then stand by what you write even when others disagree.

Big Claims May Draw Readers in, But it Won’t Necessarily Keep Them Reading
Have you ever been drawn into reading an article or visiting a site only to be let down? I have many times. Great job in being able to have a catchy headline, but poor effort on not delivering on what you are trying to sell!

You must deliver the results that you claim to make. Readers are smart and can see through an article that is nothing more than a ‘sales pitch’ hidden behind a great headline.

Always Aim to Improve and Reach New Heights
You cannot rest on your laurels at any time. Even the most successful bloggers who get to a point where they think that they can now cruise will find themselves losing readers if they fail to produce content of interest.

Be an authority in your niche and seek new ways to educate and inform readers. Add a podcast, a video or give away a free eBook. If you become successful you will be able to pursue joint ventures with other top bloggers or experts out there and hence find new avenues to produce high valued content.

You should always try to pursue joint ventures, devote time every day to work on your blog, read books about your niche topic to pick up on new ideas, ask your readers for feedback to see what they really want and then go out there and deliver.

If You Can Change Someone’s Life Through Your Blog Then you Have Succeeded
Powerful content that you create has the ability to change someone’s life and trigger them to take action immediately. When you receive feedback from your readers on how your tips and advice has transformed them and triggered them to make life changing decisions, then you should be proud and know that you have succeeded.

If you have a blog about losing weight and your readers are able to lose weight based on your tips then you have changed their lives.

If you write about how to write and profit from an eBook and then do this and make money then you have succeeded. If your blog shows someone how to fix a bike and your reader is able to fix their bike based on the advice you gave them then you have helped them improve on their life.

But how do you know if you have helped to change their life? They will let you know! They will be grateful and they will keep coming back to read more.

Invest in Creating a Quality Blog with a Website that is Appealing to the Reader.
There are many great blogging templates available whether it is through WordPress, Blogger or Joomla; just find one that works for you and your niche. I would recommend you visit Themeforest.net where you can search through their directory of affordable blog and website templates for WordPress.

Fresh Information and Content Encourages Natural, Organic Link Building.
If you are using blogging software such as WordPress you can pre-set your blog to release blog posts on certain dates in the future.