How to Provide Great Customer Service from Your Website

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How to Provide Great Customer Service from Your Website

If you are selling your eBooks directly from your website then providing great customer service will go a long way in retaining your customers and getting them coming back to buy from you again in the future. You may already be providing great service. Here are six tips to review to ensure you are doing all you can to keep your customers happy! Use these tips for no matter what you are selling. It could be eBooks, an online service, information products, webinars or even a membership site.

What Can Great Customer Service Do for You?

  • It can help you to sell future products
  • It increase the likelihood your customer will renew their membership or service
  • Your satisfied customer will be happier to refer you to friends
  • You can potentially ‘up-sell’ or ‘upgrade’
  • You build your reputation

1. Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes
We all have experienced poor customer service or buying a product that did not deliver on what it promised. Don’t ignore your customer’s complaint or tell them they are wrong. Try to communicate with them directly and see exactly why they are not happy. Listening to their point of view may give you enough information to resolve the issue amicably.

2. Stay in Control
Your mindset is very important when dealing with a difficult customer. If you feel compelled to be rude then take a deep breath and do what you can do to make the situation right. Sometimes refunding a product is better than having your reputation damaged by bad reviews.

3. Listen to Your Customer
You should encourage feedback from your customers. You will occasionally receive negative feedback. Instead of being taken back by this you should embrace this feedback and use it to help you improve. By addressing someone’s concerns you can turn them around and they will respect your effort to help them out. If you are losing customers you want to know why.

4. Be Proactive
A follow-up Email to your customer can send the message that you really do want them to be happy with what they received. Be proactive and provide your customers with a way to communicate their thoughts to you. Just because a customer doesn’t complain it doesn’t mean they are not happy. Your customers will likely be impressed by you checking up on them and seeing if they are happy with your eBook or product.

5. Be Open, Honest and Build Trust with Your Customers
Your reputation and credibility is everything! Building trust with your audience is vital to your future success. Providing misleading information or not delivering on what you promise will be the quickest way to destroy your online business.

6. Deliver on What You Promise
Failing to deliver on a promise is a sure way to make a customer unhappy. I remember one of the first eBooks I purchased and the instant feeling of being ripped off. I was sold because of a very convincing sales page and the content of the eBook did not live up to what they promised and sold to me. Make sure you provide value for money and then some!