Gumroad and Hachette Book Group to Sell Books Via Twitter

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Gumroad and Hachette Book Group to Sell Books Via Twitter

Hachette joins the ranks of HarperCollins and many of the other ‘Big 5’ publishers in creating or leveraging existing platforms to sell their eBooks direct to customer.

I previously wrote about Amazon cart and the ability for authors to use Twitter to sell their eBooks on Twitter, now Hachette is following in a similar way as it partners with Gumroad. Gumroad will earn revenue by taking a cut of each transaction.

Publishers are constantly looking for ways to transform social media platforms from just marketing and promotional tools to providing their authors with a platform to take on the role of selling their eBooks. As an author, learning to build your following on social media will become even more important as you have the ability to sell direct.

Gumroad earlier this year launched an iOS app to help authors sell their books direct to readers. Now, Hachette has announced this pilot program which provide readers with the opportunity to buy select titles inside their Twitter feeds.

Hachette has stated that ‘promotional buy buttons will appear’ for certain titles ‘within the authors’ tweets,’ and that Gumroad will play its role by allowing customers to enter purchasing information as soon as they click the buttons, according to clarification by a Hachette spokesperson.

Press Release
Gumroad and Hachette Book Group to Sell Books on Twitter

December 12, 2014 / Hachette Book Group has partnered with Gumroad, the powerful platform that enables creators to sell products to their audience, on a new social media commerce initiative to enable book purchases natively within Twitter.

The promotions will launch on December 11 with print books by Amanda Palmer, Chris Hadfield, and The Onion available for purchase for a limited time and in limited quantities, each accompanied by an exclusive bonus item. Since partnering with Twitter on a commerce pilot this fall, Gumroad has worked with major and independent musicians and charities on unique social commerce initiatives. Hachette is its first publishing partner.

Within the authors’ tweets, promotional buy buttons will appear for Amanda Palmer’s book The Art of Asking, Chris Hadfield’s You Are Here, and The Onion’s The Onion Magazine: The Iconic Covers That Transformed an Undeserving World so readers can purchase their books without leaving the Twitter platform.

Palmer’s book will kick off the promotion on December 11, and will be accompanied by an original manuscript page, with notes from the author and editor, as well as from Palmer’s husband, best-selling author Neil Gaiman.

Ex-astronaut Chris Hadfield will launch a promotion on December 15, with the book plus a signed original photo, a stunning aerial image of the island of Corfu; and The Onion’s special Twitter promotion begins on December 18, with the new book accompanied by a set of note cards featuring twelve of the editors’ favorite magazine covers.

‘We’re incredibly excited to welcome Hachette and their authors to Gumroad. We’ve been really impressed by Hachette’s commitment to exploring new opportunities for their authors to make money and engage directly with readers through social commerce. They don’t shy away from new technology—they’re genuinely committed to exploring what the future of publishing looks like,’ says Sahil Lavingia, founder and CEO of Gumroad.

Michael Pietsch, Hachette Book Group CEO, said, ‘With so much of our book marketing done socially now, in-stream Twitter purchasing is a natural next step. Gumroad’s success working with music labels and artists to enable sales to fans, and their partnership with Twitter, put them at the forefront of social media commerce.

We’re excited to work with Gumroad to offer this unique capability, and to open up this new channel for Hachette authors and their readers.’