What If You Haven’t Started Your eBook Yet?


What If You haven’t Started Your eBook Yet?

It is important as a self-published author that you understand all areas that you will need to cover in order to become a successful self-published author. Not only will you be writing your eBook, you will need to take on marketing and promotion, sales, distribution and much more. Therefore, it is good to attain the right mindset before you even put pen to paper so you don’t become overwhelmed when confronted with these tasks. It is about understanding what is involved in self-publishing an eBook.

Here Are Some Important Questions to Ask Yourself before Creating An eBook:

1.    Have you completed preliminary research to see if there is a market for your eBook?

2.    What is your niche?

3.    How will your eBook be unique?

4.    Do you have the time to devote to writing your eBook?

5.    What will be the title of your eBook and will it have a subtitle?

6.    Will you be the only author or will there be other co-authors?

7.    Will you also utilise POD and publish a print version of your eBook?

8.    Will your eBook contain graphics, pictures or charts?

9.    How many pages will your eBook be?

10.    What file formats will your eBook be available?

11.    What type of devices will your eBook be able to be read on?

12.    Will you provide sample chapters of your eBook?

13.    Will you include a bibliography about yourself in the eBook?

14.    Who will be your eBook’s target audience?

15.    Does your eBook satisfy the need or want of your target audience?

16.    Will you offer your prospects a guarantee?

17.    Who will design your eBook cover?

18.    Will you turn the eBook into other information products like videos, audio books?

19.    If selling your eBook from your website; how will you take payments for the eBook?

There is absolutely no reason why, with some guidance, you should not be able to write a fantastic eBook and then be able to create a marketing plan that will work for you, regardless of the challenges and constraints that you are faced with!