How to Get Publishers to Publish Your Book

How to Get Publishers to Publish Your Book

Our Academy has been created to specifically serve authors and self-publishers. However, many have expressed in interest in gaining further knowledge on being able to sell their eBook in a paper back version to open up another market for them.

This is an article discusses how you will need to create a professional proposal so that your manuscript gets in to the hands of the decision makers at an established commercial publisher.

Going via a publisher is an option for those who just don’t want to go down the self-publishing / POD publishing path and wish to just hand it all over to a publisher.

If you just send in your manuscript with a basic letter to a publisher, then you will have less chance of them taking it seriously and it will just be put into a massive pile of other unpublished manuscripts.

If you write a book proposal that address the business, sales and marketing side for your book then you will receive more attention.

Can you send in your manuscript and book proposal yourself or do you require and agent?
This is often the question raised from first time authors. The answer is that it will depend on each individual publishing house. Some clearly state on their website that they will not take unsolicited manuscripts so in this case you will need to hire an agent which can be costly.

Due to the growth of self-publishing the tables have seemed to be turned and many publishers are now desperately trying to attract independent authors to publish with them.

With the author now having more publishing options and the ability to walk from an ‘unhappy’ publishing contract, many publishers now have to outwardly advertise for new authors and manuscripts.

By addressing the following questions that publishers often ask when it comes to a new book for them then you will be providing them with some upfront information that will give them a base to work from.

Specifically Address the Following in Your Proposal:

  • Your Author Platform – do you already have an existing following of readers?
  • Have you already have created a marketing strategy and campaign?
  • Do you have a unique topic that will sell?
  • Have you identified your target market and the size of that market?
  • Have you already established credibility as an author?

You Must Sell Your Manuscript! You need to write your book proposal so it ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing the publisher with information they need to take it seriously and consider taking on for publishing.

Each publisher will have guidelines and forms for you to complete to guide you in what information they need. If they don’t, consider the following.

Therefore, Be Sure to Include the Following with Your Proposal:

1. Let them know that there is a massive market for your book – This is where your research will come into play. You should be able to provide data and facts as to the size of your market. This will provide further information as to the potential for the volume of sales from your book.

2. Define your unique position within your market – Explain what your book has to offer that is different to all the others out there on the market. You will also want to define your ideal customer. That is, who is that will be interested in buying your book?

3. Provide a compelling idea and Catch the readers Attention in the First Paragraph – You must grab the attention of the person reading your book proposal immediately otherwise they will lose interest very quickly.

The first paragraph of the proposal must be well written and evoke action for the reader to continue. Keep your proposal to less than three pages as anything longer will become just too much for a time-poor editor to read.

4. Include Your Table of Contents – This is a way to show that your book is structured, organised and contains attention grabbing headlines and topics for each of your chapters. It is a great way for the reader to quickly grasp what your book is about.

You will also want to do a brief synopsis on the content of each chapter. This is often required as the reader will not want to sit down and read your entire manuscript at first sight.

A well though out and planned contents description may be the first step in providing them with a reason to read more of your manuscript at a later date.

5. You Author Platform is Essential – You will not receive too much notice, respect or credibility as an author if you have no author platform and no background. Your author platform will help establish your credibility as to why you are an expert in this field or how your education, background and life experiences may back you up in being capable in writing such a book.

You need to show that you are different and unique from the thousands of other authors submitting book proposals.

6. Document your standing within your field, what connections you have and how you can already help in marketing your book.

For Example:

  • Do you have a blog that already has a big following that will be potential customers in buying your book?
  • Do you have a Facebook page with eager fans waiting to buy your book?
  • Do you regularly speak at seminars and conventions where there is an established market of customers?
  • Are you a member of a large organisation or association that where there is a market for your book?

All these will help to convince the publisher than you have established yourself and that there are customers already in place who will buy your book as soon as it is published.

7. Submit Your Best Chapters – The less work a publisher has to do the better. If you submit sample chapters that are full or grammatical and spelling errors then they will be immediately turned off. It is advisable to seek the services of a person that specialises editorial services to ensure that the chapter you send it up to scratch.

Your selected chapter must have a great headline and a powerful and dynamic opening paragraph. Refer to any specific guidelines for the text size, font, spacing etc requested by the publisher.

8. Who Will Write Your Foreword? – It will be a major advantage if you have already had the ‘Foreword’ written for your book by a well-known person. Again, this gives you some credibility and backing from an established expert that your book is value for money, unique and is worth buying.

Our expertise mainly lies in digital publishing and self-publishing so I would strongly recommend that you do seek the advice of a publishing expert or agent before submitting your book proposal as you may only get one chance.

Not to mention that it is a very fluid and rapidly changing environment at the moment to you will need up to date facts on what it takes to successfully get your book in the hands of a publisher and considered for publication.