How to Get YOUR content on Google

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How to Get YOUR content on Google

You need to be friends with Google and that involves making the most of their free services and tools. As Google tries to make the content listed in their search results of high quality and from credible sources they provide you with free tools to achieve this.

By joining them you are getting in their good books and they may just return the favour in boosting your content up the rankings.

This post deals with submitting your content to various Google indexes and platforms. This will assist you as Google will consider you a credible source of information.

Google also loves fresh content and blogs that constantly post new and informative articles. If you post regularly then they will consider your blog as a dynamic blog which viewers love and will keep returning to.

As you will see there are quite a variety of platforms you can submit content to. For example:

Do you have content that you want on Google?

A website or app

  • Add your URL – Submit your website for inclusion in Google’s index.
  • App crawling – Get your app indexed by Google.
  • Search Console – Submit a Sitemap of your website to Google.
  • Structured data – Label your structured content to help users find pages relevant to their search.

A business

  • Google for Retail – Promote your products on Google Shopping, Google Offers, and other properties; submit your product catalogs digitally to Google Search.
  • Google My Business – Get your business on Google Maps.
  • Business View – Invite customers on a virtual tour of your business.

Digital content

  • Google Books and eBooks – Promote your books online and sell your titles through our eBook store.
  • Google News – Share timely reporting on matters that are important or interesting to our audience.
  • Scholar – Include scholarly works in Google’s academic index.
  • Google Play Newsstand – Publish your content in Google’s app for fresh, beautiful news and magazine editions.