How to Launch Your eBook

How to Launch Your eBook

There are many views and thoughts on how to launch a new eBook. So rather than gathering and summarising other people’s views I have put together a list of tips that have worked for our clients.

1. Connect with your Target Audience
One of you main goals for pre-launch is to build a ‘desire’ and ‘want’ for your eBook. You should encourage your viewers in thinking that your eBook might be something they want or need.

2. Define the Problem and then Explain How Your eBook Solves this Problem
This is a great way to justify the cost of your eBook without actually mentioning money. Customers are willing to pay money for something if you can help solve their problem. People may money for medicines to help cure their illness.

People pay money to mechanics to repair their car. People pay money to plumbers to fix their blocked toilet. And people are willing to pay money for your eBook if it will solve one of their problems.

3. Don’t talk too much about what went into creating the eBook. Talk about what it will do for the customer.

4. Don’t Distract the Customer from what they are there for.
They want to know what the eBook can do and how it will help them. They want to know what benefit they will get from it. Will they make more money? Will they be happier? Will they gain useful knowledge from buying your informational eBook? You get the idea.

5. Don’t Keep Selling when they are Already Sold!
One common problem many sales people don’t get is that once you have sold your customer on your eBook you shouldn’t keep on trying to sell it to them. You will distract them and could potentially provide them with more information that confuses them or could make them change their mind. Once they click the Buy button take them straight to the checkout.

6. Get Your Potential Customers Attention Straight Away
Don’t lose your customer within the first 5 minutes by telling them about you, your company or what you have done. Tell them about the eBook that they are there to learn more about.

If you are launching an eBook on the internet you will find that if you don’t grab the viewers’ attention immediately then they will move on elsewhere. Big headlines should be immediately followed up with why your eBook could be of great benefit to them.

7. Don’t Launch Straight into a Demo of the eBook or Service.
Provide them with a story for why the eBook was created, what problems it can solve and what it will do for them.

8. Learn to Manage Your Audience
People love music concerts. Why? Because they are encouraged to interact and they are warmed up by a ‘warm-up’ band prior to the main event. If you are launching a new eBook to a live audience then you will handle it differently to launching a new eBook on the internet.

During a live audience eBook launch get the audience involved. When launching a eBook on the internet get straight to the point as people are ‘time poor.’

9. Provide Immediate Access to Buy Your eBook
Provide an immediate pathway for your potential customer to go and buy your eBook right now! This is the key for eBooks launched on the internet. Many purchases are based on emotion so you need to get them while they are excited about your eBook.