How to Sell eBooks

Five Ways to Get an Advantage Over Your eBook Competitors

Your eBook Competitors With the advent of self-publishing there has been a massive shift in the way that authors get published. As a result, there...

Self-publish Paperbacks with Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon has added a print component to their Kindle Direct Publishing program so now you can self-publish paperbacks to the Amazon store. If you have only self-published an eBook then you may want to consider publishing

eBook Pricing Considerations for Self-Published Authors

Deciding on a price for your eBook is always a difficult challenge. Do you go low and try to sell it cheaply thinking you will get more sales? If you sell too low will readers think your eBook is not worth a higher price? If you

What Your Readers Want is Essential to Selling More eBooks

When you know who your ideal readers are and what they want then you have taken a big step forward to selling more eBooks. Quite simply, if you can write and publish an eBook that your readers want then

Four Powerful Ways to Find New Readers in Your Target Audience

As a self-published author one of your first jobs is to find and connect with your target audience. Once you have clearly defined and identified those readers who will buy your eBook then you need to decide how

How Can You Build a List of Loyal Readers from Your...

In order to build your lists you need to provide an incentive for your viewer to give up their personal details. There are certain characteristics that make a 'bonus product' or 'incentive' attractive to the viewer

5 Tips for Authors to Connect With Influential People

We have talked about 'influencers' previously and how they can help you sell more eBooks. 'Influencers' are those people who have been around a while and have established themself with their target audience as an expert

How to Launch Your eBook

There are many views and thoughts on how to launch a new eBook. So rather than gathering and summarising other people’s views I have put together a list of tips that have worked for our clients.

How to Write an eBook Sales Page That Sells eBooks

This is the 'make or break' part of whether you can convert your viewer from an interested and curious reader to a buying customer. There are a number of key points to writing a successful sales page. I failed to recognise

The 5 Pillars To Selling More eBooks Don’t Involve Selling!

Although the title of this post may be a little confusing, it makes the point that the way authors and publishers sell more eBooks in today's online world is not through cold call sales pitches, but through carefully crafted

Piggy-back Current Stories in the News to Sell More eBooks

Piggy-backing the news topic of the day can help to increase the visibility of your eBook and expertise in a specific area. It is all about relating the topic or storyline of your eBook to a current news story

Convince Your Readers Why Your eBook is Right for Them

Tell a story to your readers and let them know why your eBook is good for them. Don't just focus on what your eBook is about or how god it is. Provide them with a reason to select your eBook over your competitors

5 Steps to Boost eBook Sales

If 2017 didn't quite live up to your expectations in terms of eBook sales then now is the time to ask why? While some so-called experts like to proclaim they have the secret to selling more eBooks, often I see the same

My eBook Is Not Selling – Can You help Me?

My eBook Is Not Selling - Can You help Me? As they say, if I received a dollar for every time I was asked this...

The Deadly Sins of Selling an eBook Every Author Must Avoid

Are you pushing the sales of your eBook too hard? Are you saying the wrong thing without knowing it? Can you actually be talking your readers out of buying your eBook? If you come across as a pushy salesman