How to Write an eBook

2 Proofreading Tips Every Indie eBook Author Must Know

As you will know by now, I am the first to acknowledge that when it comes to spelling, grammar and proofreading I always seek help from a professional. I always read through my completed eBook but I find that proofreading

How to Format an eBook using Microsoft Word

'How do I format my eBook using Microsoft Word' is a common question most first time authors have. Essentially you can either pay for a service provider to format your eBooks or you can do it yourself. Some eBook

9 Tips to Make a Start in Writing Your eBook Now

So you don't know where to start? You need a plan and some direction to get the ball rolling in writing your eBook. If you are considering writing an eBook then there is a good chance that you already have a great idea

Why Building Your Network of Experts is a Must for Obtaining...

eBook Testimonials One of the main points that I try to get across to authors in my 'How to Sell More eBooks - Self-Publishing Success'...

12 Excuses For Failing as a Writer

My career has evolved over the past ten years to where I am now involved in many areas of the digital publishing industry from consulting, educating to writing. Back in 2004 I had the dream of becoming a successful

What is Stopping You from Writing Your eBook?

It is only natural human instinct to question or doubt what we do. But, those who allow that doubt to constantly prevent us from achieving our goal of becoming a published author should carefully analyze

Writing A Best-Selling Non-fiction eBook Checklist

Ok, it’s not going to be quite like Dave letterman’s Top Ten List, but hopefully it will provide you with some valuable information when it comes to writing an eBook with the hope of it becoming a best-seller.

How to Brainstorm Your Next eBook or Blog Post

Brainstorming is often required to get all of your ideas down on paper before you start writing. Brainstorming helps you to identify the specific details for an idea. As an author you will constantly get new ideas as

How to Get Reviews for Your eBook the Ethical Way

Do you find yourself begging and pleading with people to write a review for your eBook? Are your calls for help going unanswered? Then you are not alone. We all know that reviews can influence a

Metadata for Self-Published Authors – Removing the Fear

When I mention the term 'Metadata' to authors, they often raise their eyebrows and give me that blank stare. The term 'metadata' has often been described and explained in various ways. Let's use

eBook Categories – 150 Categories for Your eBook

Selecting the best, most appropriate and most relevant category or genre for your eBook is essential to your success. If you select the wrong category, then it could result in you missing the mark in connecting wit

How to Be a Great Writer – 15 Lessons

How to Be a Great Writer. With over twelve years of experience writing and self-publishing eBooks I have compiled a list of '15 Lessons on How to Be a Great Writer.' To Become a Better Writer You Should Read

What Font Should You use in Your eBook? Here are Five...

What Font Should You use in Your eBook? Author Question: I am writing my eBook by using a word document which will later be converted...

3 Tools for Helping Authors Keep Track of Goals and Monitor...

3 Tools for Helping Authors Keep Track of Goals and Monitor Progress Writing efficiency and time management are two skills authors require to stay on...

Email Request Template for Testimonial

Email Request Template for Testimonial Goal: In order to capture the attention of the person you would like to write a testimonial for your eBook; you...