How Will Twitter’s New ‘Mute’ Feature Affect Author’s Tweets?

Twitter Mute

Twitter should not be used to spam your audience. Constant bombardment of tweets trying to get someone to buy your eBook is not the way to go. And now, Twitter has announced a new feature ‘Twitter Mute‘ which will allow account users to ignore a specific account without having to unfollow them.

What Does this Mean for You the Author?
If you are already following our advice on how best to use Twitter as an author then it will likely have little impact on you. If you are sending out quality and informative tweets then your followers will likely not ‘mute’ you. The occasional mention of your eBook will be accepted.

However, if you are primarily using Twitter to just send out endless ‘buy my eBook’ tweets then you will likely be on the hit list to be ‘muted.’ With the recent post on #Amazoncart I made note that the constant tweeting from some self-published authors pushing their eBooks will only intensify as they now have an opportunity to monetize their tweets.

Done the right way, authors can mix in tweets about their eBook and use the #Amazoncart to sell more eBooks. Done the wrong way in spamming their followers these authors will quickly find that they will be muted and will fade into ‘obscurity.’

What is Twitter Mute?
Twitter Mute is a new software enhancement that will be implemented in the official apps for iOS and Android. As stated above, it gives users the ability to mute spammers without unfollowing them.