Indian Authors are Embracing Trailers to Sell More eBooks

Indian eBook Author Ashwin Sanghi

Indian Authors are Embracing Trailers to Sell More eBooks

India is quickly becoming a powerhouse for eBooks and self-publishing thanks to a population of over one billion people.

Combined with the increasing availability and uptake of the internet, more and more Indians are turning to eBooks as their preferred form of reading. And more and more writers are turning to the self-publishing model to get their eBooks published in the online stores.

As I have discussed in-depth in previous posts, ‘eBook Discoverability’ is the big problem for authors. One way Indian authors are making sure their eBooks get noticed is by leveraging the popularity of video in India and by creating trailers for their books and eBooks.

One Indian Author, Ashwin Sanghi, created a trailer for his eBook titled ‘The Rozabal Line’ and received over 50,000 views in a month.

With internet accessibility increasing, the popularity of video increasing, and affordability improving to create trailers now in reach of most authors, we should only continue to see more authors using video to promote their eBooks and books.

Trailers on YouTube from Indian eBook Authors

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