How to Prepare for an Upcoming Interview About Your eBook

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How to Prepare for an Upcoming Interview About Your eBook

If you have received the opportunity to be interviewed then you must prepare well in advance. How you perform could determine future sales of your eBook. If you stumble your way through and struggle to answer questions then your credibility and reputation could take a hit. This post will help get you started in preparing you for an interview about your eBook’s niche topic (non-fiction) or story-line (fiction).

Preparation is the key to a successful interview! By being prepared you will be more confident and you will be ready for any questions that the host may ask of you. Along with the questions below you should be confident in answering all relevant questions regarding the content of your eBook, why you wrote the eBook, who you wrote it for and giving just enough information about the topic / characters / story-line without spoiling the plot and ending.

Prepare for an Interview about Your eBook by Answering the Following Questions:

1.    What is the date of you interview?

2.    What time will your interview begin?

3.    What time should you arrive at the interview location, or call in?

4.    Who will be interviewing you?

5.    Do you need help pronouncing the interviewer’s name?

6.    What organisation do they represent?

7.    Does their organisation have a bias towards a certain group?

8.    Have you submitted a brief introduction about yourself for the host to use?

9.    Do you have to appear in person for the interview?

10.    Where will the interview take place?

11.    How will the interview be conducted?

12.    Will you be seated for the interview?

13.    List the name and the contact details of the person who is your point of contact

14.    How long will the interview last?

15.    Will you have to speak in front of a live audience?

16.    Will you be required to answer audience questions?

17.    What type of questions will they likely ask?

18.    What is the main point you want to communicate to your listening audience?

19.    What action do you want the audience to take after the interview?

20.    What kind of incentive can you offer the listeners?

21.    Will you be able to receive a recording of the interview?

22.    Are there any restrictions on using the video for your own use?

This article was originally published in 2014 and is continually updated.