Preparing to Host Your First Interview as a Published Author

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Preparing to Host Your First Interview as a Published Author

Interviewing someone can be a great way to generate quality traffic to your blog or author website. If you post your interview to YouTube you will also increase your online visibility to your target audience.

Below are 25 questions to help you prepare for hosting an interview. By being prepared you will be more likely to produce a quality interview that increases the chances of it going viral or being shared by the viewer.

1. What is the name of the person you are interviewing?

2. Do you know how to correctly pronounce their name?

3. What are their contact details?

4. Have you confirmed the interview date with your guest?

5. What is the date and time of the interview (in your time zone)?

6. How long will the interview go for?

7. What is the main topic you want to discuss?

8. What information are you trying to obtain for your audience?

9. Why is your guest relevant to your audience?

10. How are you going to promote this interview?

11. How are you going to record the interview?

12. Have you let the guest know how long you would like for the interview to go for?

13. How many questions are you going to ask?

14. Do you have back-up questions in case the interview goes faster that expected?

15. Are you going to leave time for audience questions?

16. Why are you interviewing this guest?

17. What are their qualifications?

18. Does your guest have a list of questions or points they would like to discuss or emphasize?

19. Has the guest sent you a list of topics they prefer not to be asked on this interview?

20. What is your deadline for preparing an introduction for the interview?

21. What is your deadline for completing a list of questions for the interview?

22. If you are submitting a list of possible questions to your guest, what is the deadline for doing this?

23. Are there any limitations on how you can use the interview in the future?

24. How are you going to show your appreciation to the guest after the interview?

25. Will you grant permission for your guest to distribute the interview to their members?