Is It Possible to Make a Living Just Writing eBooks?

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Is It Possible to Make a Living Just Writing eBooks?

Here’s a question often posed by first-time authors: “Is it possible to make a living just writing eBooks?” And my honest answer is, “it depends on several factors.”

If you write and publish an eBook but fail to follow through on promoting your eBook, building your author platform, engaging your target audience via social media channels or continuing to write more eBooks then the more likely answer is ‘No.’

Ask Hugh Howey, E.L James and Amanda Hocking who made become best-selling authors and they will likely tell you that you can make a living from just writing eBooks. The point here is that achieving their best-seller status is rare.

Your Ability to Make a Living from Writing eBooks Depends On:
• Your ability to connect and engage with your target audience
• Your ability to market your book
• The genre / category you write in
• How many eBooks you have available for sale
• How good your eBooks are

Dig a little deeper into some of the best-selling authors (fiction or non-fiction) and you will soon see that earning money form writing and selling eBooks is only one way they make a living from writing. You see, if you can create multiple revenue streams then you will be less likely to panic if your eBook sales start to plateau.

Here Are 4 Ways That You Can Earn Money as an Author

1. Writing and self-Publishing
This is what eBook Author Academy is all about – successfully writing and self-publishing an eBook and making money from it. The more eBooks you write then the greater the potential for you to earn more income.

2. Selling Additional Products and Services
Do you have specific knowledge in a field that people would be willing to pay for? Are you able to create your own membership site? How about getting paid to edit manuscripts, formatting eBooks, or being a public speaker?

3. Affiliate Marketing
Have you ever clicked on a link or banner on a blog you are reading only to be re-directed to another website? In most cases, without knowing you may have just been referred to a product or service where if you buy that product the ‘referrer’ (original blog) will earn a commission for that referral. The most well-known affiliate program is Amazon.

4. Freelance Work as a Content Writer of Ghost Writer
One common additional form of income for an author is to write content for other websites, blogs or businesses. Take that one-step further by becoming a ghost writer for an entire eBook or book. There are many authors who make the majority of their income form freelance work.