Is Your Social Media Campaign Working?

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Is Your Social Media Campaign Working?

This post has come about because of a question posed by an author during a recent conversation. This author was unsure if all the hard work they were putting into regularly posting on Twitter and Facebook was worth it.

After some quick analysis and review of this author’s social media accounts it was obvious that she was talking – but no-one was listening!

How did I come to this conclusion? Through experience it was noticeable that she was not connecting, engaging or converting her followers. These are three very important metrics if you wish to succeed as an author and sell more eBooks.

As an author, you should use social media to engage your audience and not to try and sell direct. Cold hard sales pitches via your social media posts will often fall on deaf ears. This is a common mistake by authors. Most of us are driven mad by those telemarketers calling us during dinner time to try and sell us something we don’t need.

The same applies in that someone does not join you on social media to be bombarded with sales pitches. I personally follow people on Twitter because I find their posts and content informative, interesting and engaging. From there I then seek additional information about these people by visiting their blog or websites.

In order to save the ‘valuable’ time being wasted by this author on her social media posts; I provided her with the following three points that she needed to ‘check off’ in order to know that her time was being well spent for all social media campaigns. In other words was there are ‘return on investment?’

1. Are You Engaging Your Followers?
When posting via social media you need to keep your ego in check. Not everyone will want to engage you beyond your posts. Not everyone will ‘re-tweet’ your posts.

Some followers are what I call ‘one-time’ friends who were engaged for a one-time promotion or offer you presented to them. They got what they wanted and have never returned.

You must measure how active your audience is with you. Why? Because it tells you how well you are doing with engaging your audience. What’s more important is that it tells if your followers are helping to spread the word about you, your eBook or your posts. This is viral marketing.

If you have a blog then you can measure engagement by the quality and quantity of viewers who leave comments on your blog. This is where authors such as Amanda Hocking have succeeded, by getting influential bloggers to talk about her eBooks.

When others are talking about you then you are succeeding in getting your name out there. Recently, Hugh Howey has achieved greater visibility and engagement through his posts on ‘Author Earnings.’

2. Are Your Followers ‘Connecting’ with You?
‘Connecting’ refers to those followers who express an interest in you or your eBook. You can measure these connections by those Twitter or Facebook fans who visit your blog or website and sign-up for a free newsletter, eBook, or to watch a video on your site.

It could be by how many people click on a link to go to your YouTube channel to watch your author interviews and trailers. Success is measured by consistent growth over time as more people learn and find out about you. To take a term used in the ‘intelligence’ world there should be increased ‘chatter’ about you online.

3. Are You Converting Your Followers to Buying Customers?
This metric is what will determine your self-publishing career. It is what will determine your income and whether or not you will continue writing. If no-one is buying your eBooks then what is the point to writing? This is why your author platform is so important.

If you have an existing following of 10,000 fans then a single ‘tweet’ about your new eBook will instantly generate sales. If you are not at this level yet, then you need to keep working on it.

When you see people ‘liking’ your posts or ‘re-tweeting’ your posts it is a rewarding feeling in knowing you are engaging and connecting with them. The next step is to produce a compelling case for them to buy your eBook.

It could be knowing how to write a winning eBook description, a sales copy, using testimonials to help sell your eBooks or leveraging the power of ‘influencers’ in your genre to sell your eBook for you.


  • Authors should use social media to build a relationship with their readers.
  • You must learn to engage your readers.
  • You must learn to connect with your readers.
  • You must learn to convert your followers to buying customers.
  • You need to set-up your analytics tool to measure success (Google Analytics).
  • You must get your followers to visit your blog or website.
  • You must get followers to sign-up for your newsletter or free eBook
  • You must be willing to change a strategy if it is not engaging or connecting with your audience.
  • Your social media campaign must be created to match the needs and wants of your readers.