John Locke – First Self-published Author to Sell 1 Million eBooks


John Locke – First Self-published Author to Sell 1 Million eBooks

John Locke is a writer and novelist who was the first self-published author to sell over one million eBooks on Locke is a New York Times best-selling author, and is best known for his Donovan Creed thriller series and Emmett Love Western series.

His works are self-published worldwide. In the U.S., Locke’s books are released through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service. Locke’s books have been translated into over 29 languages.

How Did John Locke Succeed in Self-publishing?
Locke hit upon a successful method of selling his books after an unsuccessful attempt at advertising his first novels. He describes his system in ‘How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in Five Months.’ John Locke uses the term ‘Loyalty Transference’ to describe the act of transferring a reader’s loyalty from one concept or idea to another.

Locke also advises would-be writers to seek out audiences that relate to their own blogging content and style. Through the use of social media and blogging, Locke states he has the ability to create large amounts of publicity through his core group of loyal readers, around 100,000 by his estimate.

About John Locke

  • Author of the Best Selling Donovan Creed Series of Books, Emmett Love Westerns, and Dani Ripper Novels.
  • First self-published author to hit #1 on Amazon/Kindle!
  • First self-published author to hit Kindle Million Sales Club!
  • John sold 1,100,000 eBooks in 5 months by word of mouth!
  • John wrote and published 6 best-selling books in 3 separate genres in 6 months, part-time!
  • John has had 4 of the top 10 eBooks on Amazon/Kindle at the same time, including #1 and #2! He’s also had 6 of the top 20, and 8 of the top 43 at the same time!
  • Every eBook John Locke has written and published has become a best-seller.

8 authors in history have sold more than 1 million eBooks on Kindle. They are: John Locke, Stieg Larsson, James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Charlaine Harris, Lee Child, Suzanne Collins and Michael Connelly.

John Locke’s eBooks and Books:

  • Outside the Box
  • Goodbye, Enorma
  • Because We Can!
  • Kill Jill
  • Promise you won’t tell?
  • CALL ME!
  • Lethal People (a Donovan Creed Novel)
  • Lethal Experiment (a Donovan Creed Novel)
  • Saving Rachel (a Donovan Creed Novel)
  • Now & Then (a Donovan Creed Novel)
  • Wish List (a Donovan Creed Novel)
  • A Girl Like You (a Donovan Creed Novel)
  • Vegas Moon (a Donovan Creed Novel)
  • The Love You Crave (a Donovan Creed Novel)
  • MAYBE (a Donovan Creed Novel)
  • Box
  • Callie’s Last Dance (a Donovan Creed Novel)
  • How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!
  • Bad Doctor
  • Emmett & Gentry (an Emmett Love Western)
  • Don’t Poke the Bear (an Emmett Love Western)
  • Follow the Stone (an Emmett Love Western)