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KDP Tools and Resources

Here are some Kindle Publishing resources that you may just find helpful in writing, creating and publishing your eBook to KDP. All of the information below can be found on the Kindle Tools and Resources page >

Kindle Textbook Creator – Publish A Textbook

Kindle Textbook Creator is a downloadable tool that helps you convert PDFs of books with rich media for Kindle devices and apps. Kindle Textbook Creator help you edit materials like textbooks, cookbooks, travel books, and other titles with rich media.

Once published, your readers can automatically take advantage of highlighting, notebook, flash cards, dictionary look-up and more.

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator – Publish A Children’s Book

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator is a downloadable tool that helps you create illustrated children’s books. You can import a file from PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, or PPM formats.

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator features

• Features unique to Kindle devices and apps like text pop-ups (for illustrated children’s books).

• Add pages and text to imported PDF files.

• Create books with file sizes of up to 650 MB.

• Import illustrations in any of the following file formats: jpg, png, and tiff. You can also import and convert PDF files.

• Use the app in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Keep in mind that the tool information page is only available in English, but the app is available in multiple languages.

• Preview how your books look on various Kindle devices before publishing.

Kindle Comic Creator – I Want to Publish A Comic Book

Kindle Comic Creator is a downloadable tool that helps you create graphic novels, comics and manga. This tool is recommended for anyone who wants to create Kindle Comics, graphic novels and manga out of their existing artwork. This tool supports import from PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG and PPM formats, and is available for both PC and Mac.

Kindle Manuscript and Publishing Tools – Get Help Formatting My Book

There are two new tools to improve the process of formatting books for publication:
• Kindle Create (Beta) automatically transform a completed manuscript into a beautiful Kindle eBook.

• Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word (Beta) is for authors who prefer to format their books within Microsoft Word. It provides access to Kindle Create book themes inside Microsoft Word and allows you to publish your doc/docx manuscript as a Kindle eBook or paperback.

Kindle Previewer V3 – See How Your Manuscript Will Look on Kindle

Kindle Previewer v3 is a tool that lets you see how your book could be viewed on different devices and screen sizes. This view gives you an idea about the reading experience customers will have on tablets, smart phones, or E-readers of different sizes.

KDP Community – Talk to Other Publishers

The KDP community is a great place to connect and chat with authors and publishers who are discovering how to create and publish their eBook to Kindle.