Kindle Direct Publishing Now Offers up-to-date Sales Data

Kindle Direct Publishing Now Offers up-to-date Sales Data

Authors are constantly complaining about the lack of data available from the online eBook retailers. To know where your customers come from; how, what and when they are buying along with more information on their buying habits would greatly improve the efficiency of eBook marketing for authors.

A lot has been written lately about the need for retailers to ‘give up their data’ and now Amazon has taken a small first step by introducing live sales data that will inform authors in real time when their book is purchased.

Kindle Direct Publishing is the self-publishing platform for authors who wish to sell their eBooks in the Amazon bookstore. Previously, when a customer purchased an author’s book, normally the author would not know about it until 24 hours later.

Amazon’s new Sales Dashboard on the KDP Reports page now provides up-to-date reporting of paid, borrowed and free orders as they are placed in Kindle stores worldwide. You are now also able to track royalties earned as payments are processed for these orders via your dashboard.

Information received in the prior six weeks royalties’ reports is now available in the new Sales Dashboard and Sales & Royalty Report.

You can also filter the Sales Dashboard and Sales & Royalty Report by:

  • Title
  • Marketplace
  • Timeframe

How does it help authors with marketing?

  • Provides immediate feedback for authors engaged in a marketing campaign.
  • You can track sales for your eBook for a set number of days during a marketing campaign This information will help you ‘tweak’ your marketing campaign.
  • It will provide you with up-to-date reporting of paid and borrowed orders as they are placed.
  • It may only be one small step; however, it is one step in the right direction to help authors gain a better understanding of why, how and when their customers are buying.

The more information you have to help provide feedback on the success of your marketing campaigns is of great benefit to all authors. A successful marketing campaign will often generate more sales.

And also provide feedback that what you are doing is engaging your ideal readers which will possibly lead to another purchase down the road if one is not made instantly.