How to Write an eBook for Amazon

Self-Publishing Success

Self-Publishing SuccessBest-selling Author Blueprint What is Self-Publishing? When you read articles and...

Self-publish Paperbacks with Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon has added a print component to their Kindle Direct Publishing program so now you can self-publish paperbacks to the Amazon store. If you have only self-published an eBook then you may want to consider publishing

eBook Keywords – How to Increase Your eBook Sales

eBook Keywords are one important search component that helps readers find your eBooks in online stores. Keywords are a really good way to increase your eBook’s position in marketplace. As an Indie author you must

KDP Tools and Resources – Kindle Publishing for Authors

KDP Tools and Resources. Here are some Kindle Publishing resources that you may just find helpful in writing, creating and publishing your eBook to KDP. All of the information below can be found on the Kindle Tools

Indian eBook Authors – Amazon India’s Pen to Publish Contest

eBook sales in India are growing at a rapid rate as more and more Indians are connecting to the internet. Self-publishing an eBook in India is now a viable option for all writers who wish to see their eBooks being sold

Self-Publishing Services – 9 Questions Every Indie Author Must Ask

When starting out with your plan to write an eBook you will not know where to start which is why you may think that a self-publishing service is the easy way to go. I am always finding new self-publishing

Kindle Scout – Amazon’s Reader-Powered Publishing for New eBooks

Amazon's Kindle Scout provides readers with the opportunity to vote on their favourite unpublished titles based on excerpts uploaded to the site by authors which then helps decide if an eBook gets published. In return

How to Monetize Your Back-List of eBooks

One author posted the comment to an article I wrote on 'monetizing back-lists' that it was his 9th eBook that eventually became a best-seller. He made the point that once his name was recognised and his 9th eBook hit the

Self-Published Authors – Pre-order eBooks in Kindle Stores

Amazon now provides the opportunity for self-published to utilize the 'pre-order' feature through Kindle Direct Publishing. This is another step forward for self-published authors as the opportunity to sell eBook 'pre-publication'

Amazon Kindle Pricing for a New eBook

It is becoming a daily job to keep up with all the changes, acquisitions and new features that are going on with Amazon. While I don't always write about every new development I do try to select those newsworthy items that

Can Joining Kindle Unlimited Push Your eBook to the Best-seller List?

Can Joining Kindle Unlimited Push Your eBook to the Best-seller List? After careful observation of the Kindle's best-seller list, it appears that that submitting your...

5 Steps to Successfully Self-Publish a Kindle eBook

If you want to become a best-selling author then you need to work with Amazon and not against them. Self-publishing your eBook and selling it on Amazon has never been easier thanks to their Amazon KDP program for independent

How to Use a Kindle Single to Promote Long-form Titles

Many authors have tried publishing in short form with varying levels of success. Overall, the short-form eBook hasn’t taken off in a big way as expected and promoted by some people in the industry. There are some

Amazon Kindle Tax Requirements – Taxes for Self-Published Authors

Amazon Kindle Tax withholding and specific requirements vary based on whether you are a U.S. person or non-U.S. person. According to the IRS, for U.S. federal tax purposes, a U.S. person includes, but is not limited

Amazon’s Rankings – How to Keep Your eBook at the Top

The days of creating a six week book marketing campaign and then letting word of mouth continue to drive sales are over in our new digital world. An exciting pre-launch and launch is still important, it is that now in order