Kindle Scout – Amazon’s Reader-Powered Publishing for New eBooks

Kindle Scout

Kindle Scout – Amazon’s Reader-Powered Publishing for New eBooks

Amazon’s Kindle Scout provides readers with the opportunity to vote on their favourite unpublished titles based on excerpts uploaded to the site by authors which then helps decide if an eBook gets published.

In return, these readers will receive free copies of the eBooks they voted for. The key point here to note is that they receive a free copy only if those eBooks are selected for publication via Kindle Press.

How Kindle Scout Plays a Role in Your eBook Pre-Launch Campaign
Kindle Scout should be a tool you strongly consider especially when you have a goal to sell your eBook via Amazon. Kindle Scout should be built into your pre-release eBook marketing strategy with the goal of helping to generate excitement and buzz about your new eBook.

What if I Don’t Win?
Of course the competitive beast inside you will want to win and if you do then that is definitely a bonus but ultimately you will win in the long run if all the readers who vote for your eBook go on to know about your eBook and buy it on their own accord. You see, those who vote for your eBook will receive an email when your eBook is available for sale.

What is Involved with Kindle Scout?
As a self-published author your time is valuable but it is also what you must give up to sell your eBooks. Kindle Scout is one such marketing tool that will require you to dedicate time to giving it your best shot. The campaign takes 30 days.

You can click here to find out exactly how Kindle Scout works but here is a brief summary as outlined below.

How Kindle Scout Works for Authors

• It takes about ten minutes to sign up for Kindle Scout.

• You will need to be prepared to dedicated 30 – 45 days to make it work

• You will be responsible for driving traffic to your page.

• You should learn more about the ‘ trending list ‘ as this can help readers discover your eBook on Kindle Scout.

• Each day you should strive to drive traffic to your site to encourage a constant stream of page views.

Tips to Make Kindle Scout Work for You

  • Use your network and lists to help promote your eBook and spread the word.
  • Create an eBook one-liner of 45 characters or less as this will be used throughout the Kindle Scout website.
  • Summarize your eBook for potential readers with a compelling description of 500 characters or less.
  • You must have an attention-grabbing professionally designed eBook cover.
  • Be prepared with your marketing strategy and plan ready to go before you submit your eBook as Kindle Scout may have your eBook up live within a few days.
  • Send out an email to your friends and family asking for a nomination.

What If Kindle Press Selects My eBook?
Congratulations! You will receive the benefits listed above and more importantly access to Amazon marketing. While the rewards are enticing you must be sure to first read their terms of agreement as you may decide that Kindle Press is not for you.

Selected books will be published by Kindle Press and receive 5-year renewable terms, a $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty rate, easy rights reversions and featured Amazon marketing.