How to Use a Kindle Single to Promote Long-form Titles

How to Use a Kindle Single to Promote Long-form Titles

Many authors have tried publishing in short form with varying levels of success. Overall, the short-form eBook hasn’t taken off in a big way as expected and promoted by some people in the industry. There are some self-published authors who have done very well from a Kindle Single and made quite a considerable amount of money from doing so.

However, when we talk about great success, we often refer to those best-sellers that generate millions of dollars in sales. As a result, we generally hear that the short form is not really a viable option when it comes to trying to get on the best-seller lists.

One very well-known author would disagree that Kindle Singles do not achieve best-seller status. Dean Koontz has proven that a Kindle Single can become a best-seller as was done with his eBook The Neighbor. This Kindle Single is said to have been a prequel to a Koontz new novel titled ‘The City’ which has just gone on sale.

How to Use a Kindle Single to Promote Long-form Titles

One way some authors have used singles to their benefit is as a prequel to the longer-form eBooks that follow in the series. In essence they give-away or sell (low price) their first eBook in short-form to attract an audience who will likely go on to buy future eBooks in the series.

So do short-form eBooks only serve the purpose of marketing future releases of long-form titles? There are two sides to this debate. As a self-published author, you should look into this option to use a Kindle Single as a marketing tool to promote future long-form eBooks you write.

Perhaps your first eBook in short-form can act as somewhat of a ‘taste’ or ‘teaser’ for what is to come. To justify the shorter length the price of 99 cents can be used so as to not upset readers. The Neighbor was being sold for 99 cents.

Tips for Selling in Short-form:

•    Treat this eBook as you would with any eBook you write.

•    Produce a compelling title and eBook cover.

•    Promote it as you would any other eBook.

•    Engage and connect with your audience.

•    Promote the low price  (99 cents).

•    Promote it as the first eBook in the series.

•    Keep this eBook focused on one storyline, plot and don’t try to introduce too many characters.

•    Promote your eBook to online stores, blogs and sites that are dedicated to Singles.

•    ALREADY have your long-form eBook (second in the series) written and ready to publish within a short timeframe of publishing this first eBook.

•    You do not want to achieve success with your first eBook and then keep your readers waiting for six months while you write the second eBook.

•    Consider giving away this Single for free as many successful authors have done.