What are Kindle Singles?

What are Kindle Singles?

The eBook and self-publishing industry has certainly revolutionized the way authors get published. And now Amazon has Kindle Singles.

One benefit that is not often discussed is that self-publishing an eBook has provided authors with greater control over the length of their eBook.

Previously, traditional publishers required books to meet a certain length before being published. If it was too long then the author was often asked to cut out some text. If too short then more content was required.

In the past few years the rise of the ‘Novella’ has taken centre stage due to the success of a few best-selling self-published authors who chose to publish their eBooks with a shorter word count.

Authors are now able to select the length of their eBook with control over the content and self-publish with the knowledge that there is indeed a market for novellas. Novellas often contain less than 40,000 words.

Amazon has been a master in not only being able to identify the trends in publishing, but also to provide platforms and opportunities for self-published authors when some traditional publishers continued to dictate to the authors how long their eBooks should be.

Amazon recognized early on that novellas were going to succeed. As a result, Amazon created Kindle Singles in 2011.

What are Kindle Singles?
A Kindle single is a type of eBook which is published through Amazon.com and it is specifically intended as a format for novella-length nonfiction literature or long-form journalism.

In a world where many people are ‘time-poor’ the novella is an attractive option for readers. This is not a replacement for the longer novels; however, it is just another opportunity for authors to publish eBooks that place an emphasis on quality over quantity.

Creative writers and authors have long stated that their writing often has a ‘natural length.’ Their story may require 500 pages to be told or it could only require 150 pages.

Trying to ‘unnaturally’ lengthen or shorten their manuscript could have a negative impact on the quality for their writing. Now, self-published authors are ’empowered’ with the knowledge that they can publish their work in any length they wish.

As an author of over 24 eBooks I would find it quite difficult to cut out some of the material just because the eBook exceeded the required length according to a publisher. Just as I would find it difficult to ‘stuff’ an eBook with useless content just to make sure it achieved the requested length.

What the self-publishing world has done is to give authors a platform to write quality short fiction knowing they have a market who are willing to buy their eBooks.

Readers are more focused on ‘quality’ and less on ‘quantity.’ The price of a novella is often lower than a full-length eBook which can be another attractive aspect for readers.

For self-published authors, novellas have opened-up the opportunity to write a series in a short period of time. Instead of one long-winded eBook, the author can now write multiple eBooks as novellas.