How to Get to Know Your Target Readers Better in 2019

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How to Get to Know Your Target Readers Better in 2019

If you do not know who your ideal readers are then you will find it very difficult to promote and sell your eBooks. The time to identify exactly who would want to buy your eBook is right now!

In fact, the time to do it is before you have started writing as you will want to start building your list and connecting with followers through informative posts, videos, social media posts and standing out as the ‘go to’ person for your field.

Get To Know Your Target Readers Better In 2019

1. Identify Ten eBooks And Authors That Your Target Readers Already Love
Amazon and Goodreads are two powerful and popular sites to find these ten eBooks. You can use their search tool to find eBooks in your niche topic or genre and then narrow your search to find the most popular eBooks and then see who is recommending or liking these eBooks.

2. Know And Study Your Competitors Who Are Experiencing Success
Again, us Amazon and Goodreads to find out the top ten best-selling authors who also attract your ideal readers. Once you have your list, head on over to Google and learn more about each author and study how they have established themselves as a stand-out author.

3. Listening Can Be More Powerful Than Talking!
If relentlessly posting to your blog or social media channel is getting you no-where then take a moment to listen to what your target readers are saying about the best-selling eBooks in Amazon.

Your goal is to learn how the authors of these best-selling eBooks are engaging with these readers and then create your own plan to connect with your readers in a similar fashion.

How do they communicate with their fans? What style of language do they use? Are they engaging them on a personal level? Are they connecting with them on other channels?

4. Focus on Building a Relationship With Your Ideal Reader
Your goal is to make each one of your ideal readers feel like they are connected to you. You certainly do this through sharing posts, images, and content about yourself with them but it goes way beyond just that.

It is about building a trusting relationship where they want to support you who shares the same passion and enthusiasm for the genre or topic you are writing about.

Once You Stop Connecting with Your Readers They Will Stop Buying Your eBooks
As a Digital Strategist, I know that promoting any product or service requires constant micro campaigns of self-promotion and connecting with your target audience rather than just one big marketing push.

Gone are the days of paying big bucks for a 30 second TV commercial and expecting your customers to come rushing to you. Now, through digital marketing you must constantly stay in communication with your audience.