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Reviews have long been a vital element in the success of any eBook. Amazon has flourished in part due to the weight these reviews carry among readers. One of Amazon’s main competitors is Kobo who up until now have steered away from their own review system in their eBook store.

Previously, Kobo relied on Goodreads as a source of reviews. This relationship quickly came to an end once Amazon acquired Goodreads which left kobo without reviews.

I just read an announcement on the Kobo Writing Life blog that they are adding their own review section.

The following comment appeared in the blog post:
In the near future, Kobo will begin featuring book reviews! Customers will be able to write reviews and choose star ratings for your titles and post them on the book page. We want to give KWL authors the opportunity to begin collecting reviews for their titles before the feature goes live!

If you are an author you may want to start collecting reviews for your eBooks and encourage your list of fans to submit their reviews once this system goes live.

Unlike posting a review on Amazon where you need to login to your account, Kobo has announced that you can log in with Facebook account. This is quite possibly a positive step in making it easier for more people to post reviews.

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