How Digital Book Signings Can be Valuable Relationship-Building Tool for Authors

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How Digital Book Signings Can be Valuable Relationship-Building Tool for Authors

When I first heard about the emerging trend of authors digitally signing their eBook I was quite sceptical. I wasn’t quite sure how signing or putting your ‘autograph’ in an eBook in digital form would resonate with fans.

After speaking to a number of authors who sign their eBooks and hearing their success stories in connecting with their fans, I must say that I see a positive aspect for digitally signing an eBook.

While it may not be for everyone, there is a market out there of readers who appreciate a signed eBook and therefore that is an opportunity for every author to consider.

Passionate readers often have that desire to personally reach out to the author and learn more just as a sports fan wants to connect with their favourite sports star. Personalising an eBook with a digital signature and message is one way an author can reach out to readers.

So What is The Main Benefit of Digitally Singing an eBook?
It strengthens the relationship between the author and reader. It adds value, meaning and loyalty to the connection the reader has with the author.

Book signings have been around for a long time and was, before eBooks came along, a ‘must-do’ for every author. Book signings allowed readers to meet their favourite author and ‘personalise’ their connection through a brief meeting and by obtaining their autograph.

The same principle applies to signing your eBook – it is about building a relationship with your readers!

Many readers valued their ‘signed copy’ book as an investment. It would sit on their shelf and be a discussion topic with friends who shared a passion for reading. While this is not applicable to eBooks, there is still a desire for readers to get their favourite author’s autograph and that connection with the reader is why all authors would consider this relatively new marketing opportunity.

In the forum on one of our author community sites, a member posted a photo of the digital autograph she had received for one of her favourite eBooks. She was proud of having a signed copy. This was an enlightening moment is seeing how much value can be placed on digital signatures and that stoked my curiosity to learn more.

That was a few years ago now and digital signatures were still in its infant stages of acceptance. Now there are a number of online software programs and apps that can help you add your digital signature to your eBook.

What Authors have used Digital Signatures to Connect with their Audience?
I have come across quite a few, some unknown authors and some who have achieved global recognition for their eBooks such as the author of the ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ series E. L. James. In doing some more research I was able to find that E.L. James used ‘AuthorGraph.’

So How Can You Digitally Sign Your eBooks?
There are several electronic signature options available and there will likely be new ones that continue to arrive.  Services range in cost and functionality. Some services provide you with the option to put your signature within your eBook while others offer the ability to add your signature to a separate document. The latter option is one I see little value in as readers would want to have the signature in their eBook.

Here are Two Products and Services Available to You:

1.    AuthorGraph
Authorgraph makes it possible for authors to sign eBooks for their readers.

As a self-published author you must embrace and take control of your own eBook marketing campaign if you wish to experience success. Every potential tool that you come across deserves some further review to see if it may be of benefit to you in helping you connect with your readers.