How Can You Build a List of Loyal Readers from Your Target Audience

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How Can You Build a List of Loyal Readers from Your Target Audience

In order to build your lists you need to provide an incentive for your viewer to give up their personal details. There are certain characteristics that make a ‘bonus product’ or ‘incentive’ attractive to the viewer which in turn forces them to sign-up so that they can receive this free product.

By building your lists of readers within your target audience you are building a ‘ready-to-go’ list of interested customers who would want to buy your eBooks.

Imagine having a list of 20,000 people who have signed-up to your online newsletter because they are interested in crime fiction, gardening, YA fiction, golf or whatever your chosen genre may be. When you publish your eBook you can send out an email to all subscribers notifying them of your eBook. Then watch the sales roll in! But first you need to get them to sign-up.

Ideally, the appearance of your incentives should reflect the brand associated with you and your book. A successfully created incentive will lead to more eBook sales! Examples of bonus products include:

1. Free eBooks
These free eBooks are ideally less than 12 pages are full of informative tips. You don’t want to give away all of your key ‘secrets’ as many online marketers call them, however, you do want to make sure that you convince the reader that the information you provide is beneficial and that they must buy your eBook to receive the rest of these great tips!

2. Free Tips
This is always a winner. Not to mention they are often the easiest to create. A tip sheet comprises of 10 – 20 tips that are specific to your niche topic. Quality is the key here, not quantity.

3. Free Assessments
Assessments are beneficial tools that help individuals to analyses their current position and to understand what areas they need to improve on. It provides structure for an individual. An assessment can be basic questionnaire or a self-grading interactive form.

4. Free Recorded Speeches
I highly recommend that you record all speeches and video all presentations as you can then use these later on for give always or to produce additional products. These items come in the form of a downloadable audio or a streaming video.

5. Free Checklists
Checklists are another form of structured material that can help the reader evaluate their current position or even help to rate their writing or performance levels.

6. Free eCourses
You can offer an 8 week eCourse where each week your autoresponder sends out the appropriate information. This allows you to write your material upfront and then create a fully automated training course.

Be sure to deliver the first installment of your eCourse immediately as the person signing-p wants something in return straight away for giving you their personal details. Each week’s session should reinforce your brand and your message that will ultimately lead to a sale.

7. Free Glossary
This may seem like an unusual incentive but for a complete novice to your niche field this can be very enticing. There are always many terms that are used and this will greatly help any new visitors. For example; if you have written an eBook on forex trading then a glossary listing all the terms used will be of great benefit to a novice trader.

8. Free Black Book of Resources
Well you actually won’t want to give away your most valued contacts, however, you can create a list of available resources all in one eBook. This will help save the reader a lot of time trying to find all these resources for themselves. List relevant websites, blogs, software products, forums, well know experts and related eBooks.

9. White papers
White papers are always a favourite give away for marketers. White papers are reports that focus on current challenges and new developments in your field. Try to keep the length to fewer than 10 pages. Anything longer starts to resemble an eBook.

The key point is to deliver the bonus item to the recipient immediately. As soon as someone signs up they will want access to their free product. This can be handled by an auto-responder. One big mistake made by online marketers is to offer a free product but not deliver it immediately.

Key Characteristics of a Great Bonus Product or Incentive Are:

1. No out of pocket costs to you
This is one of the great benefits of digital products. You can giveaway as many digital products as you want without additional costs. Previously marketers would give away free physical samples which all had a cost associated with them. Now you can produce and distribute free eBooks, videos and audio interviews at no cost.

2. Perceived value
An eBook is really just a word document, PDF or document in another format. However, the perceived value can come from a professional looking graphic. Many digital products that are successful are represented by quality graphics that make it look like you are receiving a lot of quality information. Your sign-up incentives are going to be judged by their appearance as well as their contents.

3. Your material must be relevant
You must not only provide quality information but information that is relevant to your eBook, your topic and what you advertised to the recipient. Within each bonus you can provide links and details at the for your eBooks or author website but do not try to sell too hard in these bonuses.

It is about providing the recipient with valuable information that will force them to learn more from you and visit your blog or even buy your eBook.

4. Know how to write an attention grabbing headline
As with all articles, eBooks and press release you write, you must also create a great headline for your incentive that evokes action. You title must communicate what benefit the reader will get if they choose to sign-up and receive your bonus item.

5. Be concise and focus on quality not quantity!
Make sure your bonus is full of quality content that satisfies the reader’s wants and desires or solves their problem. I know that when I have received a long winded free eBook that I lose interest very quickly. I much prefer a short eBook that is packed full of actionable tips.

6. Test, track and measure your incentives
This includes the number of people who sign-up for your incentive, conversions and how many lead to sales. If you are not receiving the desired results from you campaign then you will need to tweak and adjust some details.

Providing incentives are a key part to marketing and selling your eBooks. You must create a professional looking and quality item so that it represents the quality of you and your eBook. You don’t want to directly oversell with your incentive item. Just don’t be too overpowering with selling.