How to Make Your Video Go Viral

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How to Make Your Video Go Viral

A video that becomes viral can launch your writing career. You only want a video to go viral if it is advantageous to you. It is word of mouth that sends a video viral.

It is when people decide to share the video with their family or Facebook friends. It is when traditional media shows your video on their nightly news bulletin.

A video can be a great promotional tool, but only if people watch it. Getting viewers to click on and watch your video requires certain conversion techniques. Getting them to watch your video is the first step. Getting them to share your video is the next step. Here are some tips on how you can succeed with step 2.

What a Video Needs to Go Viral:

  • Content must be Unique.
  • Content must be Compelling.
  • Content must be Memorable.
  • Visually engaging.
  • Provides that ‘OMG’ response.
  • Provides a surprising and unexpected ending.
  • Dramatic incident never seen before.
  • Tugs on emotional feelings (happy, sad).
  • Humorous and will provide a laugh.
  • Is sure to force the viewer to tell someone to watch it.
  • Has a ‘shock’ component to it.
  • Is not a sales pitch.
  • Passes the ‘water cooler’ test where everyone wants to talk about it.
  • Is not an advertisement.
  • Has a title that entices the viewer to click on the video.
  • Write a convincing description.
  • The first 20 seconds are the most important.
  • Forces the viewer to want to watch it multiple times.

Before creating your video consider the above tips to help increase the chances of your video going viral. A boring interview from and unknown author will not cut it. A compelling interview from an unknown author with controversial views could.

A ‘How to’ video that provides repeated content will fail. A ‘How to’ video that provides fresh, unique and information content that solves a problem will be more successful in going viral.

What can you do to make your video go viral?