How Can You Be Successful in Marketing Your eBook?

How Can You Be Successful in Marketing Your eBook?

When authors ask me how they can become better marketers I often summarise it by telling them that ‘they need to have a good plan and be prepared to do lots of hard work.’ It also involves the following:

1. Start by educating yourself about the principles of eBook marketing.
That’s why you are reading this eBook! You are taking the first step to being a more successful marketer by learning all of the key components to developing a marketing strategy and then following through with the proven techniques and tools provided later on this eBook.

2. Do some research so you can understand your target market.
If you want to be successful in selling your eBook then you need to identify who your ideal customer is.

3. Have a written ‘eBook marketing strategy’ that is specific for your audience.
You must have a written plan that provides a blueprint for how you are going to market your eBook. This plan can be adjusted at a later point if after testing and review you find out that it needs a little tweaking in order to make it more successful. Your marketing plan includes strategies and tactics for reaching your target audience.

4. Organise your time and priorities
I designate specific times each day to take care of certain tasks. For example; I may devote one hour from 10:00am to 11:00am to answer emails. I may then spend the next hour adding new posts to my blogs, tweaking my Google Adwords campaign, working on a new interview to writing promotional articles to distribute across the internet.

After lunch I will work on contacting potential partners to a pursue a joint venture, approaching online eBook stores to sell my eBook, contact local journalists who may interested in picking up my story or creating an avenue to promote my eBook.

5. Create and maintain a database of all your important contacts. Set-up automatic backups for your computer. Look into new software that may save you time down the road.

6. Embrace the Truth When You Market Your eBook!
Your reputation is vital so make sure you conduct a reputable and truthful campaign and stay clear of the supposedly ‘killer’ marketing techniques that may get you blacklisted by search engines. If you think that you will ‘get rich quickly’ then you are being lead down the wrong path. That doesn’t mean your eBook can’t generate significant revenue for you, it just means that it does require constant work and effort to keep your sales ticking along.

Consumers don’t always love sales people or marketing professionals. I have had many experiences with sales people that have made me just want to slam the door in their face and run. Their annoyance, lack of respect for the customers’ intelligence as well as mistrust from ‘shonky’ salespeople is behind those feelings.

It is your goal to change this opinion of consumers by gaining their trust. You can learn to do it by not selling them directly; but promoting yourself and giving them quality information for free that will then lead to a sale.