Measure the Quality of Engagement Your YouTube Videos

Measure the Quality of Engagement Your YouTube Videos

As an author you should create and publish videos with the main goal of getting your target audience to view it. One thousand views from your ideal readers who go on to buy your eBook is better than 5,000 views from people who have no interest in your eBook where only 50 may buy your eBook.

Generating a few hundred views for your video is not going to provide you with the results you are looking for. You want to achieve 1000’s of views. What is more important than just the number of views is the ‘quality’ of views by your target audience.

When I say ‘quality’ I am talking about:

  • The number and quality of comments your video receives.
  • The percentage of viewers who action the video’s ‘call to action.’
  • How much of your video someone watches before they decide they don’t want to watch any more.
  • How many viewer’s then go on to visit your blog or website.
  • How many viewers share your video with friends.
  • The number of people who ‘like’ your video compared to how many ‘dislike’ it.

If your video is failing to attract ‘quality’ views and you believe that you have produced a quality video then it is time to analyze why.

Take advantage of:

  • YouTube Analytics
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Ratings
  • Viewer feedback

Use this information to understand what your audience wants and does.