All You Need to Know about Creating an eBook in PDF Format

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Creating a PDF eBook

Creating a PDF eBook is now quite easy to do thanks to Microsoft and various online software programs or converters.

In years past, one of the biggest issues involving the uptake of eBooks was the confusing issue to do with formats. There have been many eBook formats from lit, prc, azw, ePub, mobi, PDF and many more that I have seen over the past ten years.

The winners who have emerged in this battle and leading the way are the ePub and PDF formats. AND of course Amazon’s propriety file .mobi

Most online eBook stores will accept both ePub and PDF formats, some will only accept one.

If you use a service provider such as ‘Smashwords,’ then they will do all of this thus removing a lot of work for you. I use my windows feature where you can save the document as a PDF.

If you use Microsoft then you can easily ‘Save as’ your file as a PDF.

Portable Document Format (PDF)
PDF eBooks have been the primary choice for authors over the past ten years due to its ability to handle lots of graphics and retain the structure and layout of your eBook. PDF will also preserve your fonts and links — regardless of what application was used to create it.

If you create your eBook on a word document with images and tables then PDF will be a great option to produce your eBook exactly as you had it with word doc.

Advantages of Creating a PDF eBook

  • PDF eBooks are accepted by majority of online retailers.
  • Authors can place active website links with the eBook.
  • PDF eBooks can be accessed and opened on all computers.
  • PDF eBooks retain the structure and layout of your eBook.
  • PDF prints well on majority of computers.
  • Easy to convert word doc to PDF.
  • Authors have access to security features with PDF’s.
  • PDF Software is reasonably cheap to buy.
  • Ability to create eBooks that can be viewed by the visually impaired.
  • Many software compilers allow you to drag and drop.
  • PDF eBooks can also be viewed directly from your website.
  • PDF eBooks can be viewed from your website without being downloaded.

Compilers- PDF Software:

PDF to ePub Converter:

PDF files can be created, distributed and sold via a number of ways:

  • As an email attachment.
  • Internet download.
  • Download from website.
  • Download from a Blog.
  • Download from an online store.
  • Via an online newsletter.

There are a number of factors that will determine what format you will want and need to sell your eBook in. You will definitely want to create a PDF version as well as an ePub version. Each online store will have their own guidelines for eBook submissions.