How New Authors on Twitter Can Build a List of Quality Followers

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How New Authors on Twitter Can Build a List of Quality Followers

I often hear conflicting views from authors with regards to the benefit of using Twitter. Those that understand how to best use Twitter to connect with their audience generally report that they believe Twitter is a great asset. Those who have yet to learn how to maximize their message to engage their readers tend to lose interest in devoting time to posting.

before I go on too much further it is important to note that Twitter yields various results for authors depending on their eBook’s genre or topic.

A key aspect of your marketing campaign is to identify which social media platforms are useful to you and which ones are just wasting your time. The answre is to find out if your target audience of readers are using Twitter or do they go to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other sites.

New authors who are just starting on Twitter often feel overwhelmed when they only have a few followers and fellow authors in their category have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers. You have to start somewhere so focus more on the ‘quality’ of followers rather than ‘quantity.’

When I say ‘quality’ I am referring to those people who are in your target audience and would be interested in buying your eBook or those people who have an influence over your audience.

Twitter does not appear to be going away anytime soon so if you get started now you will be able to leverage the popularity and global presence of this social media network to engage and connect with your audience on a mass scale.

So the question posed is: ‘How Can You Ever Catch-up to these Popular Authors with a Large Following?

Here is one successful method I recommend to authors looking to attract new followers:
This technique is quite simple and is centered on finding those people who have an influence over your audience (e.g. popular authors in your genre, reading groups, bloggers, and reviewers) or directly connecting with your ideal readers.

Set a goal of 5-10 minutes daily (or more if you have the time) to devote to attracting new quality followers and you should soon start to see a steady stream of new followers. The more popular you get, the greater the volume of ‘unsolicited’ followers you will get.

Step 1: Identify and make a list of 50 influential people or authors who attract your direct audience of readers. You can find them through a ‘search’ on Twitter or ‘follow’ them from their website or blog.

Step 2: List in order how much influence they have.

Step 3: Start with the person at the top of your list and go to their Twitter page. Click on the ‘Followers’ link. Scroll through their list of followers looking for those who are readers and fans of this author.

Step 4: Click the ‘follow’ button on those you identify who you would like to engage, connect with and who would want to follow you. Do this for your allotted time (10 minutes) and only ‘follow’ the quality leads.

For various reasons Twitter limits the number of people you can follow in relation to the number of people who follow you. When you get to that tipping point, Twitter will let you know that you can no longer follow any more people until you gain more followers.

Step 5: Those who ‘follow’ you should be left on your list of people you are following out of courtesy. After a week or two if you find that people you followed are not ‘following’ you then you may want to ‘unfollow’ them and find new people to follow who would reciprocate your ‘follow.’

You need to do this otherwise you will find that you quickly go over your limit of ‘following.’ this is how you can keep this technique moving and build your following.

How Many Followers Should You Aim for?
Again, focus on quality over quantity. This technique described above is to just get the ball rolling. If you already have a following to your blog then encourage these people to ‘follow’ you on Twitter. As your fan base grows on other platforms you have (Facebook, your blog, author website, Goodreads page, guest posts) you should see a constant stream of followers.

It is not unreasonable to aim for 100 new followers a week if you work at it. If you get less don’t worry. By building your author platform you will open up new avenues for people to connect with you on Twitter. the more ways people can connect with you the quicker your list of ‘followers’ will grow.