Niche Markets Can Make You a Self-Publishing Millionaire

Niche Markets Can Make You a Self-Publishing Millionaire

I have spoken to many authors who have written eBooks for the biggest markets based on the information they gained from certain online marketing programs. These so-called online marketers told them that they must aim for the biggest market possible in order to make money. This is just not the case anymore.

Maybe years ago when the internet was in its infant stages it was less inviting to write for a niche market. But now all of the major markets have become saturated with experts. Don’t believe that you cannot make big money from these niche markets.

You can no longer just write an eBook about ‘weight loss’ unless you have some unique information to share or unless you are willing to be more focused on a particular segment within weight loss.

For example, you will be more likely to have success if you write a weight loss eBook for people over 60, or weight loss for 40 year old men and so on.

I fell into this trap early on of chasing the ‘big markets’ only to realise that it was very difficult to play with the big boys when I was an unknown author and was not recognised as an expert.

My eBook series about online marketing would have been less successful if I wrote just about ‘online marketing.’ This is too broad, too general and there are already many eBook and books written about this topic.

So, backed by years of experience in self-publishing, I wrote to a more focused audience and separated my eBooks into a series devoted to marketing online for eBook authors.

My sub-title of ‘Self-Publishing Millionaire’ was how people recognised each eBook as being written by me.

Self-Publishing Millionaire eBook Series:

1. How to Build Your Author Brand – Self-Publishing Millionaire

2. How to Sell More eBooks – Self-Publishing Millionaire

3. How to Self-Publish Your eBook – Self-Publishing Millionaire

Note: I now only sell these inclusive with my membership website.

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear is that you cannot make money from a niche as the market is just too small. This is just not true. You are likely to make more money if you choose the right niche and dominate that niche.

One of the key reasons for starting small is to establish yourself as an expert in your niche field and from there you can build your reputation within the greater market. For example, I established myself as an expert in online marketing for eBooks. From there I expanded in to other areas of online marketing.

The internet can take someone from unknown to famous much more quickly than ever before. But this is rare. Unfortunately, you will find out that it takes time to become well known. So the sooner you start the better.

Once you have established your ‘position’ in your niche then you can start to expand into other areas within your topic if you see the potential to do so. It is only once you have established your name, brand and position that you will succeed in moving on to bigger things.

When researching your niche market you will want to:

1. Research how many people search online every month for your topic.

2. Identify the size of your market.

3. Identify how best to reach your market.

4. See what competition already exists.

5. Find out exactly what people want in your niche market.

6. Find out what the successful authors are doing to sell eBooks.